The Lost Lands

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The Lost Lands were originally added to Ultima Online with the release of The Second Age expansion on October 1st, 1998. The land is commonly referred to by players as T2A, an abbreviation of the title of the expansion.

On Oceania Classic, The Lost Lands are featured prior to their rediscovery by and connection to Britannia.

Isolated World

As Britannians are yet to discover any way to reach The Lost Lands and are not even aware of it's continued existence, characters are unable to travel between the two worlds. The only way to enter The Lost Lands is by picking Delucia as the starting city when creating a new character.


The following is an incomplete list of things that make the Lost Lands different to Britannia on Oceania Classic, as well as how the Lost Lands are different to how they normally are on OSI.

  • Delucia is the only guarded area in the Lost Lands. The town of Papua has no guards but is otherwise a fully functioning town.
  • Four Dungeons: Delucia Passages (similar to Shame/Despise), Khaldun (like Deceit and Khaldun), Fire (home to high-end creatures and a Champion Spawn), and Terathan Keep (very hard super dungeon!).
  • Evil Everywhere: The overland spawn in the Lost Lands itself is much heavier than normal and a lot has been completely changed.
  • As a general rule, as you move further and further away from Delucia, the creatures you encounter will get stronger and stronger.
  • No Advanced Character Tokens.
  • No Recall/Mark/Gate spells anywhere in the Lost Lands or it's dungeons.
  • No Jhelom Training Area or any resource free areas.
  • No free full Spellbooks for new characters, as is the case in Britannia.
  • High-end pets are much harder to reach than normal.
  • Limited space for Houses is available. The house placement rules have also been modified here to allow placement on slightly bumpy ground.
  • Veteran Rewards cannot be claimed in The Lost Lands or it's dungeons, however time played there still counts towards choices that can be claimed on the same account when in Britannia.
  • Many of the teleporters and passages have either been changed or removed. Some new ones have been added.
  • Characters cannot enter the underground section of Terathan Keep while dead (you must make it in there alive to get in there at all).

Map of Key Locations

Lost Lands Key Map 2.png