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Outside the Jhelom Counselor's Office

The City of Jhelom has been made into a special Training Area on Oceania Classic.

Jhelom Training Area

The Jhelom Training Area covers most of the two Southern Jhelom Islands. The Northern Jhelom Island is not part of the training area.

Players will receive a message on entering and leaving the Jhelom Training Area.

Reagent, Arrow, & Bandage Free
Mages Training in Jhelom

Like Arenas, the Jhelom Training Area is a Reagent, Arrow, and Bandage free area. Casting spells with Magery or healing with the Healing or Vet skills while in the Training Area will not consume Regs or Bandages. Firing a bow or crossbow will not consume arrows or bolts.

Combat In Jhelom

The Jhehlom Training Area is governed by the same rules as a normal town. The Town Guards will take action when a criminal act is committed in the town. Faction combat is enabled. Looting is enabled.

Getting There

The Jhelom Training Area can be reached via the normal public Town Moongates.

There is also a two-way gate leading to the Jhelom Counselor's Office located in the Moongate Hall.

Jhelom Counselor's Office

The Jhelom Counselor's Office is located immediately north of The Morning Star Inn in Jhelom.