Order vs Chaos Battles

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Joining a Battle
  • Characters who are in an Order or Chaos guild who enter a battle will always fight for their side, allowing players to join as teams of Order or Chaos.
  • Characters who aren't in an Order or Chaos guild who enter a battle will temporarily fight as a mercenary for one of the two sides for the duration of the battle.
  • Characters will receive an invite to battles while they are inside a town or in a house and must be out of combat.
  • No teammate? No problem! Fight alongside advanced human-like NPCs with newly improved advanced AI that works with you to defeat the enemy team.
  • The difficulty of AI opponents scales on the ratings of the players in the battle. The more you win, the harder it will get!
  • Battle rankings can be found on the Shard Status page. The Rating percentage represents performance across battles played and is used to calculate AI opponent strength as well as reward amount. The starting percentage for a player in their first battle is 37%. Try and make it all the way to 100%!
  • Battle system automatically levels the teams. Play with/against other players, with/against AI, or both!
  • Battles are Sosaria-wide, meaning that for the first time ever characters from Britannia can face characters from The Lost Lands in combat.
  • Battlegrounds are reagent, bandage, and arrow free areas. Skill gain is disabled, as is trading and dropping items.
  • Currently features five different locations and two modes - battle and capture the flag.