Shard Rules

From Oceania Classic: An Australian Ultima Online Free Shard
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No Abuse

Abusive behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated, either in-game or in the Discord chat.

If another player is abusing you, please page a Game Master or a Counselor using the Help menu in-game or by sending the staff a private message in Discord.

Macros & Scripts

Using macros and/or scripts is allowed for the purpose of training skills in the Jhelom Training Area. Harmless item organisation scripts, such as vendor stocking helpers and things of that nature, are also ok.

However, use of scripts to farm gold, loot or resources is not allowed. Players found farming unattended will be sent to Jail by the Game Masters.

The general rule is that if your script has or can have a negative impact on other players, it is not allowed.

Game Play
  • "Multi-boxing" in PvP situations is forbidden. You may only have one character engaged in PvP at any given time. Using scripts to control multiple characters at once is forbidden.
  • Do not use impassable items to completely block or otherwise trap players, ghosts, or NPCs. This includes "boxing in". Mobs must have a clear path out by some means. However, you may block that one open path with your character, spells, or pets.
Terms and Conditions of Use

Oceania Classic Terms and Conditions of Use