From Oceania Classic: An Australian Ultima Online Free Shard
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Technical Info

IP Address:

Port: 1999

Setup: Install and Connect

Server Status: Oceania Classic Shard Status

Discord Chat: Oceania Classic Discord Server

  • Shard's server located in Sydney, Australia.
  • Powered by dedicated high-performance Intel Xeon Processors.
  • Served from a lightning fast Solid State Drive.
  • Machine located in state-of-the-art Data Centre with security personnel and technicians on-site 24/7.
  • Data Centre connected directly to Australia's fibre backbone to enable super low latency domestic connections.
  • Linked into a worldwide network maintained by the industry leaders in server management via high-speed connections to Singapore and California.
  • Ideal for players from Australia, New Zealand, The Pacific, Asia, and America.

Information specific to the Era of Ultima Online that this server runs can be found on the Era Information page.