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Faction Towns

The Faction Guards from the True Britannians and Council of Mages will attack Murderers who enter the cities they are guarding on sight, unless they are in the same Faction. The Murderer does not have to be in a Faction to be attacked in this way.

Townsfolk in cities controlled by the Council of Mages Faction will also go vigilante and attack Murderers that come near them.

Buccaneer's Den & Serpent's Hold

The towns of Buccaneer's Den and Serpent's Hold are friendly to Reds/Murderers and have no insta-kill Town Guards.

The vendors in these two towns will also trade with Reds.

Drunken, murderous Pirates freely roam the streets of both towns and are known to attack innocents (Blues) whilst treating fellow murderers (Reds) as one of their own.

Temporary Skill Loss

Murderers will suffer a temporary skill loss of 33% for 30 minutes on resurrection.

Murderers who resurrect in the Arena Hall after a duel will not be subjected to the 30 minute temporary skill loss.

There is no permanent skill loss for Murderers on Oceania Classic.