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An enhanced Dueling Arena system has been added to Oceania Classic. Three types of Arenas are available; AI, PvP, and Ranked PvP.

Mages Dueling in Khaldun Arena

There is a Moongate to the Arenas located in the Moongate Hall.

  • Players are unable to loot corpses in Arenas that do not belong to their own character.
  • When a character dies inside an Arena, items return to the player's backpack on resurrection.
  • Potions are disabled in some Arenas but allowed in others.
  • The Fire, Poison, Paralyze, and Energy Field spells are disabled in Arenas.
  • Some Arenas allow mounts, while others don't.
  • Players cannot use Ethereal Mount Statuettes while in an Arena, although if the Arena allows mounts they may ride an Ethy into the Arena and fight on it.
  • The Faction system is disabled while in arenas.

Players can check their scores at any time using the [score command. A scoreboard for Ranked Arenas will be introduced in a future publish.

Opponents that are eligible to be scored against will flag as enemies (orange names). Note that the Faction system is disabled inside the Arena areas.

For a kill/death to be recorded in a PvP or Ranked PvP Arena, the victim must have been at full health and the killer cannot have been flagged as a criminal when combat was first instigated.

When a player is attacked whilst inside an Arena while they are not eligible for a duel, normal flagging and combat rules apply - an innocent may give their killer a murder count, a murderer or criminal may be freely attacked, etc...

AI opponents do not have to be at full health to be scored against, nor will they wait for players to be at full health before they attack either.


Players will be rewarded with special equipable lights as a way to display their achievements on reaching certain milestones in Arenas. These lights are blessed, come in a variety of hues, and bear the name of the player and their number of kills.

  • AI Arenas: Lanterns
  • PvP Arenas: Torches
  • Ranked Arenas: Candles
Moongate Hall

The Moongate Hall provides access to the Arenas themselves and is also home to a healer/vet/stable NPC.

Murderers are able to resurrect in the Moongate Hall without suffering the normal 30 minute skill-loss penalty.

Reagent, Arrow & Bandage Free

The Arenas are Reagent, Arrow, and Bandage free areas. Spells cast while inside the Arenas do not require or consume Reagents. A Bandage is required to begin healing however it will not be consumed on use.

No Faction Combat

Faction flagging and the 5 minute skill-loss penalty on death are disabled in Arenas.


Potions are disabled in some Arenas but allowed in others.

  • Potions are allowed in the Labyrinth (AI), Lava Lake (AI), and Khaldun (PvP) Arenas.
  • Potions are disabled in the Stadium (AI), Coliseum (AI), Ocllo (PvP), Fighting Pit (PvP), and all Ranked PvP Arenas.
Ocllo Arena

Ocllo Arena is not accessible via the Arena Moongate in the Moongate Hall, rather it is reached by simply running there from Ocllo's own Town Moongate which is to the North West of the Arena. Although it is not accessed via the gate it remains a fully functional Arena governed by PvP rules.