Frequently Asked Questions

From Oceania Classic: An Australian Ultima Online Free Shard
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Shard Rules

Q: What are the rules for the shard?

A: See here: Shard Rules

Instant Hit

Q: Is there instant hit on the shard?

A: There is a delay after equipping a weapon before the next swing.

Spell Damage

Q: How is spell damage calculated?

A: See the Spell Damage page for more info.

Aggressive Townsfolk

Q: I am being chased around town X by angry mobs wielding pitchforks! What did I do to deserve this?

A: Townsfolk behave differently depending on which Faction is in control of the town. Some evil townsfolk may attack the innocent, while some good townsfolk may attack those with negative Karma. You can read more about the redesigned Factions system here.

Macroing & Scripting

Q: What is your policy regarding use of scripts, macros, and third party programs such as EasyUO?

A: See here: Shard Rules

Number of Accounts

Q: How many accounts can I have?

A: Three (3) accounts per IP Address.

For households where there is more than one player using the same IP/internet connection, please message staff in Discord to request creation of extra accounts for the second player.

Number of Houses

Q: How many houses can I have?

A: One (1) per account. See Houses for more info.

Lock/Unlock Karma

Q: How do I lock or unlock my Karma?

A: Double click on one of the Virtue Shrines located throughout the world while your character is alive to toggle your Karma lock.