Frequently Asked Questions

From Oceania Classic: An Australian Ultima Online Free Shard
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Shard Rules

Q: What are the rules for the shard?

A: See here: Shard Rules

Instant Hit

Q: Is there instant hit on the shard?

A: There is a small delay after equipping a weapon before the next swing.

Weapon Damage

Q: How is weapon damage calculated?

A: See the Weapon Damage page for more info.

Spell Damage

Q: How is spell damage calculated?

A: See the Spell Damage page for more info.

Macroing & Scripting

Q: What is your policy regarding use of scripts, macros, and third party programs such as EasyUO?

A: See here: Shard Rules

Number of Accounts

Q: How many accounts can I have?

A: Five (5) accounts per IP Address.

For households where there is more than one player using the same IP/internet connection, please message staff in Discord to request creation of extra accounts for the other players.

Number of Houses

Q: How many houses can I have?

A: See Houses for more info.

Lock/Unlock Karma

Q: How do I lock or unlock my Karma?

A: Visit a shrine and click on it to bring up it's context menu.

Client Troubleshooting

  • Restart your PC and try again.
  • In some cases after running the Oceania Classic All-In-One Installer, Windows might suggest that "this program might not have installed correctly". Ignore this message and click "this program installed correctly". Only reinstall using the settings that Windows recommends if you are experiencing problems. 
  • Ensure the Ultima Online client isn't being blocked by a Firewall.
  • Make sure that your version of the Classic Client is compatible with Oceania Classic. The shard is verified as being compatible with Classic Client versions and Other versions of the client, either older or newer, may also work.
  • ClassicUO requires a 64bit processor to run. If you have a 32bit processor in your computer, download the OSI Classic Client instead.
  • Run everything to do with UO as an Administrator.
  • For UO Steam tick the box next to "Remove Encryption". For Razor tick the box next to "Patch Client Encryption". Leave all other square boxes unticked.
  • Make sure the correct client and folder path are selected in the settings window of either UO Steam or Razor.
  • The version of Razor that is included with ClassicUO ( is different to the version available for use with the OSI Classic Client ( Make sure to use the correct version for the client you have or else you may run into problems.
  • Note that use of the OSI Enhanced Client has been disabled on Oceania Classic and that the old Third Dawn "3D" Client is incompatible with the shard. We recommend using the far superior ClassicUO Client instead.
  • Move the UO folder to a different location on your hard disk. Sometimes Windows can block access to parts of the drive which can prevent Steam/Razor from working with the client. We recommend installing in the default path (C:\Oceania Classic) when using the All-In-One Installer.
  • The ClassicUO installer wizard will install Razor with the client and will automatically open it when you launch the client via the shortcuts the installer creates.
  • Do not use the Steam assistant to try and play with the ClassicUO client as it is configured to work with it's own version of Razor. Steam is only for use with the OSI client.

If you need help or have any questions please contact Oceania Classic staff via Discord.