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Hunger Points

Each character has hunger points which decay over time. When a character has eaten to the point that they are "too full to eat any more" they are at the maximum of 20 hunger points.

A point of hunger is consumed roughly once every five minutes.

To avoid hunger decay and starvation a player can eat cooked food purchased from vendors, or food cooked using the Cooking skill.


Characters will begin to complain to the player that they are very hungry when their hunger points drop low enough.

Once a character has an empty stomach (has 0 hunger points), they will begin to periodically lose a small amount of health and stamina. This will continue until food is eaten.

If losing health due to Starvation would kill the character due to their health already being low enough then the character will be spared from death. In other words, the damage from Starvation cannot directly kill a character on it's own.

Characters on the roof of Britain Bank will still lose hunger points up there but won't suffer from Starvation until they leave the roof. Players would be wise to remember to feed their characters after a long banksitting session before heading out to fight!