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The Valor Virtue has been completely redesigned and has been linked to the Factions system on Oceania Classic.

Characters must be a Seeker of Valor before they can buy from Faction Town Stones.

Valor Stones have been added to the Faction Strongholds. Valor Stones look like red Town Stones and require the character to be a Follower of Valor before they can be used.


Valor is earned by killing enemy Faction guards, enemy Faction members, and by stealing Sigils.

Capturing a city by placing the corrupted Sigil on the Town Monolith will reward the player with a large about of Valor, especially in the case of Trinsic.

  • Symbol: A sword
  • Derived From: Courage
  • Anti-Virtue: Cowardice
  • Original Class: Fighter
  • Original Home City: Jhelom
  • Opposing Dungeon: Destard
  • Mantra: Ra
  • Companion: Geoffrey