Scoundrel's Sanctuary

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Scoundrel's Sanctuary Location
Scoundrel's Sanctuary
  • The Scoundrel's Sanctuary is a human settlement located in the crumbling ruins of an abandoned city. The camp is home to many of Britannia's most hardened criminals who have fled there to escape capture by the authorities. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  • Location: The Scoundrel's Sanctuary can be found by traveling through the mountain pass located in the Southern tip of the Peaks of Disgrace (the same mountain range that is home to Shame Dungeon).
  • Inhabitants: Hostile Humans and their mounts.
  • The humans who call the Scoundrel's Sanctuary home are expert horse-masters who have trained their steeds to carry saddlebags while being ridden at the same time. Try as they might, the other humans of Britannia are as yet unable to convince their equine companions to do the same. Only horses trained by the men of the mountain seem willing or able to bear both burdens.
  • The humans in the Sanctuary are known to set upon and kill their own unmounted horses, rather than see them fall into enemy hands.

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