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Sacrifice is a Virtue that is gained through sacrificing all of one's Fame to a monster, which will cause the monster to vanish. The monsters you can sacrifice to include Daemons, Evil Mages, and Liches. In order to sacrifice to a monster it has to be completely unharmed. You must also have enough Fame to sacrifice in the first place.

Sacrificing may only be done once per 24 hour period. You have to be at least "Great" to be able to sacrifice - the higher your reputation level, the further you advance on your Virtue path. Sacrificing a Lord/Lady title will yield far more progress than just a Great or Glorious status. Also, the more powerful a monster is you sacrifice to, the more you gain. You will have no fame remaining after a successful sacrifice.

Once per week your Sacrifice level will drop by a small amount automatically.

The reward for your sacrifice is the ability to Resurrect yourself.


The shrine is located on the main continent (117°15'N, 142°44'E).

  • Symbol: Tear
  • Derived From: Love and Courage
  • Anti-Virtue: Covetous
  • Original Home City: Minoc
  • Opposing Dungeon: Covetous
  • Mantra: Cah