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Windows runs programs in user mode by default. If you want to run programs in administrative mode, you will need to specify that explicitly in Windows. Running programs in Windows as an administrator is easy.

Run Once as Admin

The simplest way to run a program in administrative mode is to right-click the program and select “Run as administrator”. If the current user is not an administrator, Windows will ask for the administrator username and password.

Always Run as Admin

To always run a specific program as administrator, we will create its shortcut on the Desktop and make changes to the shortcut. Please follow the instructions below:

  • From Start Menu, find your desired program. Right-click and select Open File Location.
  • Right-click the program and go to Properties –> Shortcut.
  • Go to Advanced.
  • Check Run as Administrator checkbox.

Now when you run the program from Start Menu, it will run in administrative mode.

Keyboard Shortcut

You can also run a program as administrator directly from the Start Menu or it's shortcut. Simply find the program and hold down the Ctrl + Shift keyboard keys when you left click on it. This will open the program as an administrator.