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This is an archive of publish notes from 2020-21 and is no longer updated. Future publish notes can now be found [https://oceaniaclassic.com/uo/news/ here].
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== First Anniversary Publish 18/11/21 ==
== First Anniversary Publish 18/11/21 ==

Latest revision as of 02:16, 5 February 2022

This is an archive of publish notes from 2020-21 and is no longer updated. Future publish notes can now be found here.


First Anniversary Publish 18/11/21

First Anniversary Gifts
  • To celebrate Oceania Classic's first year, characters which login from 20/11 and before 14/12/21 will receive a special First Anniversary Gift Box in their backpack or bank!
  • Each character with get either a First Anniversary Hoodie (blessed 2AR vet reward robe which can be double clicked to raise the hood), or First Anniversary Footwear (blessed, so comfy that they glow/animate, four styles: sandals, boots, thongs, and ugg boots!).
  • Either a Power Scroll Book, First Anniversary Wind Chimes (chimes when locked down and approached, many different colours), or a First Anniversary Lamp Post (glows/animates, many different colours).
  • Another random deco or plant gift and a large fireworks wand!
  • Don't forget to collect boxes on all your characters and accounts before 14/12/21! Both characters and the account they belong to must be 14 days old to receive a Gift Box.
Champion Spawn & Power Scroll Changes
  • +25 and +30 skill Power Scrolls are now available from killing spawn champions!
  • Brand new Power Scrolls of all levels for the following nine skills; Alchemy, Parry, Tactics, Detect Hidden, Carpentry, Tinkering, Inscription, Spirit Speak, and Poisoning.
  • There will no longer be a status message when a champion spawns, only when one is defeated.
  • Lord Oaks and the pixie queen Silvani have been sighted in Sosaria! The Fey/Forest Spawn type can now be attempted.
  • The number of scrolls that can drop from each champion has been increased from 4 to 6 (up to a possible 12 when using Justice).
  • Justice can now be earned anywhere by killing red/murderer PKs and AIPKs, however killing your own red chars will earn much less Justice than killing others.
Texas Hold'em Poker & Britain Bank Changes
  • The much loved card game Texas Hold'em Poker can now be played at the table on top of Britain Bank!
  • Double click on the Poker Dealer NPC standing near the table to join the Poker Game if there is room at the table.
  • Other games have also been added to the roof of the bank, including Blackjack, Powerball, and HiLo Cards.
  • Characters from The Lost Lands can now visit the Britain Bank Roof in via the new special moongate in Delucia. Characters from T2A have some restrictions placed on them when at the bank, such as not being able to trade with characters from Britannia or drop items on the ground. They may use the bank as normal though for all their banking and banksitting needs, and can even play TH Poker against Britannians! Characters from T2A will return to Delucia instead of going to the Moongate Hall when leaving the bank.
Animal Taming Changes
  • Creatures which spawn with skills over 100 will now have that skill capped at whatever it was when wild if it is tamed.
  • Example: A Tiger spawns in the wild with 103 Wrestling. If it is tamed by a player, it's wrestling cap will remain at 103, instead of the cap reducing to 100 as was the case previously.
  • Creatures which are paralyzed during taming now suffer a less severe negative 10% penalty loss of cap and 50% loss of skill. It was previously a more severe negative 14% loss of cap. Creatures which aren't paralyzed during taming suffer no cap loss and only a 10% reduction in skill, granting great rewards to tamers who avoid paralyzing their future pets.
  • Tigers can now have up to 107.5 in Wrestling and Tactics, while Lions can have up to 115 in the same two skills.
  • The Frost Dragon has been given new hues. They now come in 4 common and 2 rare hues and look a bit more "frosty" than before. Old previously tamed Frost Dragons will retain their old hues and could now be considered rares.
Crafting Additions, Skill Adjustments, New Items
  • A large number of new craftables have been added. See each crafting menu in game for the complete lists.
  • Carpentry in particular has many additions, including a lot furniture from many different UO eras and expansions.
  • Carpenters may also make use of Masonry to craft stone castle walls and stairs for making modifications to homes.
  • Alchemists can now craft Invisibility and Anti-Para potions at high skill levels.
  • All skills have been adjusted to make use of their new Power Scrolls and/or +25 and +30 scrolls.
  • Applying Deadly Poison to weapons now requires Poisoning above 100.
  • Alchemists can now do more damage with Explosion Potions than before if they have above 100 Alchemy.
  • Inscription now provides the following spell damage bonus: +10% at 100, +11% at 110, +12% at 115, +13% at 120, 14% at 125, 15% at 130
  • New Items: Wild Horse and Llama Whistles! Can be purchased from Animal Trainers and Variety Dealers. Calls a summoned wild horse or llama to you for use as a temporary mount. Stays with you for a max of three days, or until it dies or is released.
  • New Mount: Llama With Saddlebags! As their horses are so popular and keep being stolen, the evil humans of the Sanctuary (Brit)/Desert (T2A) have started equipping llamas with saddlebags too! These llamas come in many different colours, including rare pink and purple "llama vortex" hues!
  • A bug which was causing the AR for some items to be displayed incorrectly on the item properties list has been fixed.
  • Boost to both Nightsight Potions and the Nightsight spell.
Silver Traders & Faction Changes
  • New Silver Trader vendors have replaced the old Faction Silver Donation Boxes.
  • Silver Traders function the same way as regular town vendors, except their goods are purchased with silver coins instead of gold.
  • Items available include: Bags of Sending, Reagent and First Aid Gems, Faction Stronghold Runes (a must have in T2A!), War Mount Whistles, and more.
  • Characters do not need to be in a Faction to buy from Silver Traders, they only need enough silver. However, some (not all) items require the user to be in a Faction to be used.
  • New Faction Mount: Warhorse With Saddlebags! Only available from Valor Stones. Same skills and stats as a normal Warhorse with 1200 stone saddlebags. Bonds instantly when bought from Valor Stone.
  • Adjustments to city tax system. Tax rate can now be set from -10 to +20% in increments of 5. The default tax rate has been reduced from 10 to 5%.
  • The Faction which captures a city will now take 25% of the city's silver from it's treasury. This silver goes to the Faction's own treasury for use by commanders/sheriffs.

Publish 14/10/2021

OC Live Shard Status Discord Bot
  • After much lead-up work and testing over the last few publishes, introducing the all new OC Live Shard Status Discord Bot!
  • Built from the ground up and powered by the OC server, the new Bot delivers live updates directly from the in-game world to our Discord chat (join with invite: https://discord.gg/NGu2aJt).
  • Parts of the game which currently have status updates include: Factions, Order vs Chaos Battles, Guards, Weather, Sosaria Now, Champion Spawns, Elites, Skill Achievements, and more. Many other parts of the game will be given status updates in the future.
  • Instant in-game Global Chat to Discord! When a player sends a message in-game to Global Chat it will be posted by the Bot to Discord too.
  • Town Criers will also begin to shout these new status updates in-game. They are also available via the Shard Status page (login.oceaniaclassic.com/status).
Changes & Fixes
  • A large number of bugs with the Order vs Chaos (OvC) Battle system have been fixed (too many to list).
  • OvC AI opponent difficulty now scales properly (they have all been the same level until this fix). Not only scales skills and stats but movement and casting speed as well.
  • New battle rating percentage (see status page) - this determines the strength of AI opponents and reward amount and is based on a character's kills vs deaths during battles.
  • A few bugs with the Factions system have been resolved.
  • Maintaining a large faction army in a town will now be harder as the daily military upkeep costs for troops has been increased. The faction town economies will be reset so this can take effect.
  • Faction members will now only be ranked on the status page if they have a score (at least 1 kill point or town captured).
  • The number of towns a faction member has captured should now be recorded correctly (everyone will start from 0 from now).
  • More updates and fixes for AIPK/Faction/OvC Smart AI.
  • Blood Elementals are no longer bard immune.
  • Capturing town sigils now rewards far more Valor than before, especially in the cases of Trinsic and Delucia.
  • Enhancements to Day/Night cycle (see lore below).
Coming Soon
  • New Bosses/Peerlees.
  • Soulstone Fragments.
  • New creatures, tamables, and mounts.
  • A Champion Spawn and Power Scrolls in The Lost Lands.
  • Lower spawn levels to be made less grindy to shift focus to the champion and PvP.
  • Stat scrolls!
  • PvP and PvM Events!
  • Special First Anniversary gift packs.
  • Much more, including a few special surprises...
Lore Change
  • According to cannon Ultima lore, the planet Sosaria has two moons which bear the familiar names of Felucca and Trammel. These two moons were featured many times in the Ultima single player games before the creation of UO and the facets which later borrowed their names.
  • Suddenly appearing out of nowhere from some far corner of the universe, a massive comet came hurtling right toward Sosaria and it's moons. A huge catastrophe was barely avoided when the comment passed just to the side of the planet itself. The moon of Trammel, however, was not so lucky and suffered a direct impact!
  • The massive collision between the comet and Trammel was so forceful that it completely shattered it into a million pieces and blasted the remnants of the moon right out of orbit never to be seen again. Sosaria on Oceania Classic now only has one moon - Felucca.
  • PKs across the land were seen wiping away tears of joy as they clutched their halberds to their chests and gazed upwards at the spectacle. They then partied all night long as if they were the Ewoks celebrating the destruction of the second Death Star. Yub nub!
  • As a result of this impact event and the loss of one of it's moons, Sosaria's Day/Night cycle has been altered. Some nights will now be darker than before, especially those when Felucca is not visible.

Publish 14/09/21

Battlegrounds: Order vs Chaos
  • The Battleground (BG) system has been completely redesigned and re-imagined from the ground up and now centres around the never-ending battle between the forces of Order and Chaos, lead by Lords British and Blackthorn, respectively.
  • Characters who are in an Order or Chaos guild who enter a BG will always fight for their side, allowing players to join as teams of Order or Chaos.
  • Characters who aren't in an Order or Chaos guild who enter a BG will temporarily fight as a mercenary for one of the two sides for the duration of the BG.
  • No teammate? No problem! Fight alongside advanced human-like NPCs with newly improved advanced AI that works with you to defeat the enemy team.
  • The difficulty of AI teammates and opponents scales on the number of wins/kills (whichever is higher) the players in the BG have had. The more you win, the harder it will get!
  • Full BG Rankings for the top 20 characters can be found on the Shard Status page.
  • BG system automatically levels the teams. Play with/against other players, with/against AI, or both!
  • Unlike the old BG system, a battle will now always occur when a player accepts an invite.
  • BGs are Sosaria-wide, meaning that for the first time ever characters from Britannia can face characters from The Lost Lands in battle.
  • BGs are reagent, bandage, and arrow free areas. Skill gain is disabled whilst inside BGs, as is trading and dropping items.
  • Currently features five different BG locations and two modes, normal and capture the flag.
  • BG invites will appear while a characters are in a town area or in a house, and when a battle is available.
  • The BG guide on the Wiki will be updated in due course with more details.
Factions Changes
  • Faction leadership elections now elect two positions; a commander and a sheriff. The Commander of a faction is responsible for Britannia, whilst the Sheriff is in charge of The Lost Lands.
  • The rank requirement for running for election in a faction has been removed.
  • The amount of Valor gained from capturing the Delucia and Papua sigils has been greatly increased. Delucia is now rewards 1,000 (the same as Trinsic), while Papua gives 500.
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes to city economies.
Updates & Fixes
  • New Mobiles: Order and Chaos AIPKs (part of BG system), crows, Order Knights (counterpart of Chaos Knights, friendly to all except Chaos).
  • A bug that was sometimes causing town citizens to attack player's pets has been resolved.
  • House deeds can now be sold back to Real Estate Brokers in The Lost Lands.
  • A team of meteorologists is being deployed around Sosaria to report on the unfolding weather conditions.
  • Spell Balance: minor reduction to damage done by Mind Blast, Explosion, and Energy Bolt spells.
  • Updates and fixes for the Smart AI used by AIPKers, Faction Guards, and new Order/Chaos NPCs.
  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements.

Publish 16/08/21

City Management
  • Faction Commanders now have the ability to manage cities under their control. Speak either of the phrases "I am sheriff" or "I wish to access the city treasury" whilst a Faction Commander and in a city under your control to access the City Management menu. The menu is the same regardless of which phrase is uttered.
  • Commanders can set the tax rate and city strategy and are responsible for managing the health, morale, budgets, and growth of their cities.
  • The eight Faction cities now have Health and Morale ratings which can be influenced by players.
  • Civic and Military Budgets have been introduced. See the updated Factions guide on the Wiki for full details.
Honesty Virtue Changes
  • The Honesty Virtue has been reworked as follows. Characters will now be paid for time spent inside dungeon areas, rather than for banksitting as before.
  • Characters must be both visible and alive while inside dungeons to get paid.
  • Honesty will decay while characters spend time resting in town areas. Any town will do but the character must be alive and visible for Honesty to decay.
  • See the Honesty guide on the Wiki for more info.
Updates & Fixes
  • Faction troops in Britan and Delucia will no longer attack those not in a Faction as they do in the other six Faction towns.
  • New Faction troops added: Archers (CoM & SL), Mages (TB & Chaos), and Sorceress (Min). All four Factions and Chaos now have both kinds of ranged troops.
  • Some very high-end creatures can no longer be paralyised, such as Hell Steeds and Arcane Drakes.
  • Major update of the Shard Status page, which now contains more info and new Status Updates from Sosaria. These status messages are currently limited but will be expanded on in future.
  • A message will now be broadcast to all online players when a new player creates their first character on a new account. If you're a shard veteran and see this message, go and say hi and see if they need a hand.
  • Many misc bug fixes.

Publish 30/07/21

Minax Joins the Fray
  • The Followers of Minax have joined the battle over the Lost Lands!
  • The entrance to the Minax base can be found in the mountainside roughly halfway between the City of the Dead and the entrance to the Council of Mages base.
Delucia Replaces Nujel'm
  • Delucia has taken the place of Nujel'm in the Factions system.
  • The Delucia Town Stone offers discounted Leather and Bottles, while it's Hitching Post sells War Bears.
Changes & Fixes
  • Fixed a bug relating to Faction town economies.
  • Using a Recall charge in a Runebook no longer requires any Magery skill.
  • Juka Lords now heal themselves less frequently and do more damage.
  • More misc bug fixes.

Publish 22/07/21

The Battle for Papua
  • War has arrived in the Lost Lands! The Shadowlords and Council of Mages Factions have established bases to the east and west of Papua, respectively, and are now locked in a bitter battle with one another for control of the town!
  • Papua is now a fully functional Faction town with citizens, guards, a stealable Sigil, Town Stone, and Hitching Post. It has taken the place of Skara Brae in the Factions system.
  • Controlling Papua will allow Faction members to purchase reagents and cloth at a discounted price from the Town Stone and also allow them to buy Faction War Horses from the Hitching Post.
  • The entrance to the new Shadowlords base can be found on the east side of Hoppers Bog.
  • The entrance to the new Council of Mages base is located high in the Harpy Hills west of Terathan Keep.
Fire Dungeon
  • The entrance to a vast underground dungeon full of unspeakable evil has been discovered in the lava area to the north of Papua in the Lost Lands!
  • Fire Dungeon has been revamped, is now a part of the Lost Lands, and is home to everything from elementals, to undead, to daemons.
  • Paragon Elites can spawn in Fire.
  • The dungeon ranges from medium to hard in difficulty. Certain areas may be quite difficult, especially when Elites spawn and on the second level.
  • Many former inhabitants of the old Britannian version of Fire can now be found in Hythloth Dungeon instead, including Fire Steeds.
Changes & Fixes
  • The Factions system has been reset as a result of the addition of Papua and removal of Skara Brae.
  • Capturing a Faction Sigil will now reward a random amount of silver from the town's treasury to the capturing Faction's treasury.
  • More NPC movement speed tweaks and fixes.
  • Added messages on new character creation informing the player about the separate isolated worlds and about Discord chat.
  • Scribes can now craft Bulk Order Deed Books.
  • Many misc bug fixes.

Publish 8/6/21

  • Movement speed decrease and fix for all non-human NPCs.
  • Paragon Elites will now spawn more frequently than before.
  • The hit point boost given to Paragon Elites has been reduced to x3 down from x5.
  • Doubled the chance of receiving a Paragon Chest from killing Elites.
  • The spawn on both the inside and outside of Terathan Keep has been adjusted to make it a little easier to enter the dungeon.
  • Fire Dungeon is no longer accessible from Britannia and is temporarily closed...

Publish 5/6/21

  • Shard-wide update to the amount of gold creatures carry as loot, with a significant boost to medium-strong monsters (drakes, daemons, dragons, etc...).
  • Fixed a bug relating to Bulk Order Deed delay timer.
  • Movement speed tweak for most creatures (many will be slightly slower than before).
  • New mounted guards for Delucia Bank. These special guards will attempt to deal with any criminal activity that is missed by the normal town guards. They will attack criminals, summoned pets, and murderers on sight, but can be fought, killed, and escaped from.

Publish 31/5/21

Elites & Terathan Keep
  • Paragon Elites now spawn inside the Terathan Keep dungeon in the Lost Lands.
  • Defeating Elites has a chance to reward the player with new artifacts. This new set of artifacts has replaced the old set that was previously available. These artifacts are all blessed due the difficulty in acquiring them.
  • New Artifacts: Elite Robes and Cloaks (many colours, +3 AR); Elite Sandals (many colours, rare black and white hues); Lost War Horse Imprisoned in a Crystal (summons a bonded non-Faction war horse when used, which come in many different colours and can be resurrected by their masters regardless of Vet skill); Black, White, Metallic (3 types), and Faction Dye Tubs; Pet Bonding Potions. More artifacts to be added in the future.
  • Elites no longer spawn above ground in Britannia or in Despise Dungeon. They can instead be found in most other dungeons (Shame, Wrong, Deceit, Hythloth, etc...). Inside Terathan Keep is the only location where Elites appear in the Lost Lands.
Changes & Fixes
  • A Healer and a Variety Dealer have setup shop in a strange little room in Terathan Keep to tend to the dead. This room can be reached by the moongate deep inside the keep, which can only be used by ghosts.
  • Battleships, Orc and Junk ships can now carry 14000 stones in their cargo holds. Britannian Ship holds remain unchanged at 28000.
  • Tweaking of Faction city garrison numbers.
  • Fixed bug relating to player movement on Dagger Isle.
  • Evil Humans are now slightly stronger than before.
  • Creatures will now flee from combat at a slower pace than before.
  • Reduced Bulk Order Deed delay timer to 3 hours, down from 6.
  • Lumber and ore deposits now regenerate at a faster rate of 1-3 hours, down from 2-5.
  • Slight boost to Night Sight potion effect.
  • Players must now be at least friended to a house in order to refresh it by looking at the house sign.
  • Treasure Maps can now be sold to Mapmaker NPCs for 500gp x the map's level (500 for a level 1, 1000 for level 2, etc...).
  • Alchemist NPCs in the Lost Lands now sell Anti-Paralysis potions.
  • Damaging something that has been pacified by the Peacemaking skill now has a greater chance to unpacify it.
  • Skeletal Dragons are now bard immune.
  • Fixed a bug with Wrong Tile house addons.
  • Troglodytes and Juka Lords will now heal themselves less often than before.
  • Melee damage boost for all Jukas.
  • Player run vendor daily pay has been greatly reduced.
  • Rondorin is no longer a reagent free area.
  • Dynamic weather systems can now occur in the Lost Lands.
  • War Forks can now be sold to Blacksmith and Weaponsmith NPCs.

Publish 14/05/21

Khaldun Artifacts
  • The Despise Artifact system now also applies to Khaldun in the Lost Lands. The number of artifacts available has been more than doubled and now totals 126.
  • All creatures in Despise and Khaldun have a chance to reward their killer with an artifact. The higher the fame of the creature killed, the greater the chance of receiving an artifact.
  • Each creature which does not give out an artifact increases the chance of receiving an artifact until one is received.
  • Artifacts include; house banners, paintings, house tiles, statues, crafting machines, plants, snow globes, rugs, parrots, special instruments, lights, deco armour, and so much more.
Reward Vendor
  • Reward Vendors have been added to Britain and Delucia. These vendors sell high value items, with more rewards to be added to them in the future.
  • Rewards available for purchase include; vet reward dye tubs, clothing bless deeds, house addons, and large ships.
New House Areas
  • Three new housing areas have been added to the Lost Lands. See The Lost Lands page on the Wiki for the updated map with these locations. One is north of the Orc Fort, one is north of Khaldun Arena, and the other is in the far east section of Kos Heb East (Ice East).
Updates & Fixes
  • Boat Painter vendors have been added to Britain and Papua. They sell paint which can be used on large ships.
  • Lich Lords and Ancient Liches now drop level 8 magery spell scrolls as loot.
  • Fixed a bug with Leather Worker vendors.
  • Replaced some inappropriate snow globe locations with others.
  • Testing new changes to the Faction City economies.
  • Increased the starting amount of reagents stocked by mage vendors from 20 to 50.
  • Misc bug fixes.

Expansion 26/4/21

  • New Isolated Expansion: The Lost Lands! Think you've got what it takes to survive in the Lost Lands while they're isolated from Britannia? Take the T2A Challenge and put your UO skills to the test! Pick Delucia as the starting city when creating a new character to start. See The Lost Lands guide on the Wiki for full details.
  • The account limit per person has been increased from 3 to 5.

Publish 24/4/21

  • World Chat has been updated and re-enabled.
  • Misc bug fixes.

Publish 21/4/21

  • Lots of behind the scenes preparation for future content to be announced soon...
  • The section of code which handles healing yourself with bandages has been completely re-written, as the old code was quite buggy and wasn't working properly all of the time. Healing duration will now scale more reliably based on a character's dexterity. Only those with the highest possible dex (which is around 140 when using a Greater Agility Potion and with 125 natural dex) will be able to heal at the fastest speed. Characters with low dex will now heal slower than before. This only applies to healing yourself with the Healing skill.
  • Citizens should no longer attack tamed horses, however, they will continue to attack wild horses.
  • The max citizen population in each of the Faction cities has been reduced by 50. This will also result in a reduction in the max number of Faction Guards in the cities, as the number of guards scales based on the number of citizens.
  • More updates and tweaking of the Faction city economies.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing escortables to ask to be taken to unreachable places.
  • The "Help Stuck" wait timer has been reduced from 5-10 minutes to 3-5. Cities which are often unsafe (such as Trinsic) have been removed as options from the stuck menu. Players may now choose either Britain, Cove, or Minoc.
  • Creatures with less than 500 Fame or which spawn inside a guard zone can no longer spawn as Paragon Elites.
  • Faction traps placed by players should now decay properly.
  • More movement speed bug fixes. Tamed creatures should now follow their masters at a slightly faster pace than before.

Publish 7/4/21

New Dungeon: Scoundrel's Sanctuary
  • The Scoundrel's Sanctuary is a human settlement located in the crumbling ruins of an abandoned city. The camp is home to many of Britannia's most hardened criminals who have fled there to escape capture by the authorities. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  • Location: The Scoundrel's Sanctuary can be found by traveling through the mountain pass located in the Southern tip of the Peaks of Disgrace (the same mountain range that is home to Shame Dungeon).
  • Inhabitants: Hostile Humans and their mounts.
New Mount: Horse With Saddlebags
  • The humans who call the Scoundrel's Sanctuary home are expert horse-masters who have trained their steeds to carry saddlebags while being ridden at the same time. Try as they might, the other humans of Britannia are as yet unable to convince their equine companions to do the same. Only horses trained by the men of the mountain seem willing or able to bear both burdens.
  • The humans in the Sanctuary are known to set upon and kill their own unmounted horses, rather than see them fall into enemy hands.
  • Stats: 42-128 Str / 56-65 Dex / 6-10 Int / 2 Follower Slots / Mountable / Saddlebags (Max Weight 800 Stones) / 93 Different Hues / Taming Required: 29.1 (same as a normal horse, can be owned/ridden by anyone once tamed).
  • Location: Scoundrel's Sanctuary, being ridden by their human masters. Kill or dismount the rider to tame the horse.
Explosion Potion Fix
  • A bug relating to explosion potions has been fixed. The re-use timer now applies to "lighting the fuse" on the potion. This means that potions thrown too quickly will still be thrown but will not explode. This has been done to allow the re-targeting of potions.

Publish 5/4/21

  • Trapped pouches/bags/boxes can once again be used to free yourself from paralysis, however doing so will reduce one's stamina to half of it's current amount and deal 2-10 damage.
  • Anti Para Potions no longer reduce stamina when consumed.
  • The re-use timer on Greater Explosion Pots has been reduced by 2 seconds to 6, starting from when the potion's explosion countdown timer begins.
  • A bug that was allowing town citizens to attack players has been resolved. Citizens should no longer attack players but will continue to attack other NPCs if certain conditions are met.
  • Bandies applied to yourself will take longer if a char has Evaluating Intelligence (+5 secs at GM Eval).
  • Further adjustments to the Faction city economies.

Publish 2/4/21

  • Movement speed fixes for some human NPCs.
  • Council of Mages Faction Guards will now only attack players outside Factions who's Karma is below -500. Minax Guards will now only attack a player outside Factions when their Karma is over 500. Previously it was -5 and 5, respectively. Note that Shadowlords Guards will continue to attack anyone who is not part of their Faction, regardless of Karma.
  • Instead of dropping empty Metal Chests after devouring enough corpses (6-12), Plague Beasts will now drop a Paragon Chest. The level of the chest is determined by the number of corpses devoured, which is then divided by 2 (6 corpses devoured would yield a level 3 chest, 12 devoured will result in a level 6 chest, etc).
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Preparation for release of new Oceania Classic ClassicUO Client.

Publish 28/3/21

  • A bug which was causing potions to be named incorrectly has been resolved.
  • Movement speed fix for Citizens.
  • Paragons are now referred to as "elite" in game and are no longer hued bright gold.
  • Faction Traps purchased from the Faction Donation Box can now be placed properly.

Publish 25/3/21

Anti-Para Potions
  • Anti-Para Potions are now available from Faction Donation Boxes at a cost of 500 silver for 25 potions.
  • Anti-Para Potions instantly remove paralysis and reduce the user's stamina to half of it's current amount.
  • Does not affect the Wrestling Stun ability (which freezes rather than paralyses).
  • Self-inflicted damage, as well as damage from inanimate objects, will no longer break paralysis. In other words, trapped pouches/boxes will no longer work. However, receiving damage from someone else (another player or NPC) will still break paralysis as normal.
  • Can be stored in normal Potion Kegs.
Faction Changes
  • Changes to rewards available from the boxes. New rewards added, some old ones removed. Now stocks combat supplies, such as the Anti-Para Potions mentioned above, Invisibility Potions, Faction Traps, First Aid Packs, Tasty Treats, and more.
  • Silver donated to the Faction Donation Boxes will now go directly into the Faction's Treasury.
  • Further tweaking of the Faction City Economies.
  • The size and makeup of garrisons at the Faction Strongholds is now dependent on the Faction's Treasury balance. Garrisons also require daily pay. More detail to be added to Faction guide on the Wiki about this.
Changes & Fixes
  • The Paralyze spell can now be reflected by the Magic Reflection spell.
  • Greater Explosion Potions now have a re-use timer of 8 seconds from when the potion is first used (not from when it explodes).
  • The minimum amount of time it takes to bandage yourself has been increased by 1 second to 6. However, the added time penalty for having low stamina has been reduced.
  • It is now possible to repair things using the Tailoring skill. Use the Repair option on the Sewing Kit menu to repair items made from cloth and leather.
  • Fixed bug relating to Sigils, as well as numerous other minor fixes. World Chat has been temporarily disabled.
  • Fixed bug which was causing Faction Citizens to attack players in cases when they shouldn't have been.

Publish 12/3/21

  • Paragons have begun appearing in Britannia! When a creature spawns in Britannia it has a 1 in 20 chance of becoming a Paragon, which means that it will have greatly enhanced stats and skills. They can be recognised by their golden colour and the text (Paragon) after their name.
  • Each Paragon has a 5% chance of carrying a special named metal Paragon Chest as loot. These chests are full of loot and often include higher level treasure maps. They also carry the name of the Paragon that they came from and can come in a variety of colours.
  • Killing a Paragon has a small chance to reward the player with a Minor Artifact! Artifacts available include armour such as the Heart of the Lion, slayer instruments such as Flutes of Renewal, house deco, and special coloured dyes.
  • Neither Faction/Chaos Guards, AIPKers, City Citizens, nor Vendors spawn as Paragons, neither does anything that spawns on Rondorin.
World Chat
  • In-game chat has been enabled. This is the same chat system that exists on OSI and functions the same way.
  • To avoid confusion, there is currently only one channel: World Chat.
  • Press your , (comma) key to begin typing a message to send to everyone in the channel.
Changes & Fixes
  • The Faction Tithe Rate now applies to citizens in cities under a Faction's control, as well as to it's players. The tithe is deducted from the city's daily income and cannot exceed 1,000 silver/town each in-game day (48 mins).
  • Minor tweaks to Faction Economies. The Factions guide on the Wiki has also been updated with info on the recent changes.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Tiger's Bleed Attack from working.
  • As the Grasping Claw ability is broken, Lions have been given the Double Strike ability instead, while Frost Dragons have been given the far more fitting Cold Wind ability.
  • Fixed bug with Chaos purification time being too long.

Publish 9/3/21

Faction City Economies
  • The eight Faction Cities now have their own economies which update once every in-game day (equal to 48 real world minutes).
  • A city's Treasury Balance determines how many Citizens and Guards the city can support at any one time.
  • The Guard and Citizen populations of the cities will rise and fall according to that city's treasury balance. Citizens can die in the streets if their city is no longer rich enough to support them. Guard numbers will likewise be increased or reduced every in-game day.
  • City Citizens can be identified by the title "of [City]" after their name. Each Citizen in a city contributes an amount of income and/or maintenance per day to their city's treasury. Each individual citizen's income or loss is then added up to produce the city's Daily Income/Loss. The total Daily Income/Loss is then added or subtracted from the Treasury Balance.
  • Faction Commanders can send silver to a city under their control to boost it's Treasury Balance and increase the number of Guards/Citizens in the town.
  • This system will be further expanded on in future, with plans to add tax systems, player-to-faction-to-town silver donation, fluctuating guard numbers at the Faction Strongholds, and more.
  • A new table displaying Faction City Info has been added to the Server Status page.
Changes & Fixes
  • A large bug relating to movement and running animations of many things has been fixed. Creature movement should look much smoother after this change. Pre-publish tamed pets may need to be fixed manually by a GM - contact staff to get this done.
  • A bug preventing Tigers from being mounted has been fixed, as has a bug which allowed them to run way to quickly. Again, pre-publish Tigers will need to be fixed manually by a GM.
  • A bug relating to Faction Atrophy has been resolved. Atrophy will no longer take place. Due to this, and the changes to Faction Economies detailed above, the Faction System will be reset after this publish goes live. Players will need to rejoin their Factions. War Mounts will be unaffected by this reset and players will be able to ride them again once they rejoin their Faction.
  • Changes to Faction Sigil purification times - longer for Trinsic, Ocllo, Nujel'm, Vesper; shorter for the other four.
  • Mouse-over Property name and list fixes. Removal of most leftover orange font (the plan was to have all prop list names orange but this was not possible as the ClassicUO client doesn't display coloured CliLocs the same way as the regular client). "Armor Rating" has been shortened to "AR".
  • It should now be possible to relocate a Guild Stone within a house.
  • A bug relating to the Help Stuck system has been resolved.
  • All Faction War Mounts, including Silver and Dark Steeds, should now be able to be resurrected with one bandage by their owners in the same way as War Horses, regardless of Vet skill.
  • Pets will no longer go wild or be deleted due to being abandoned. After a pet has been left abandoned (more that 12 tiles from it's owner) for two real hours, the game will attempt to Auto Stable the pet. If Auto Stable fails, the abandonment timer will be reset and will go through the same process after another two hours. Previously, bonded pets which were abandoned or went hungry while dead (ghosts) would have been deleted - this will no longer occur. Instead, a dead/ghost pet which is about to go wild due to hunger will be resurrected instead of being deleted and will then be turned wild. NOTE THAT NONE OF THESE CHANGES WILL PREVENT A PET GOING WILD DUE TO LACK OF FOOD. Staff will be unable to assist with pets that go wild due to not being fed. The Auto Stable feature to prevent abandonment should not be relied on - it is best to stable your pets yourself to be sure.
  • Justice/Protection can now be initiated while in Rondorin.
  • The max amount of damage that the Explosion and Energy Bolt spells can do has been reduced. The total max damage the combo can now do is 75 (without scribe), down from 82.
  • Boost to Night Sight spell's effect. A bug relating to light levels after being under a weather system has been fixed.
  • New Vet Reward choices added, including Jet Black, White, and Frosty robes/cloaks/dresses.
  • Other minor misc bug fixes and improvements.

Publish 12/2/21

Town Criers & Factions
  • When they don't have other news to shout, Town Criers will now provide reports on the ongoing war between the Factions.
  • Players may say "news" near a Town Crier to hear the latest war reports.
  • Towns will be reported as being "under attack" whenever their sigils are anywhere other than the town's monolith.
Changes & Fixes
  • Rondorin has been made a reagent free area. This has been done to make doing the Champ Spawns there less of a grind and more fun.
  • Adjustments to the radius of the Champ Spawns in Rondorin.
  • The Create Food spell now works in reagent free areas once again, however, unlike other spells cast in those areas, it will consume reagents.
  • Plague Beasts now only need to devour 4-8 corpses before they will reward their killer with a metal chest, down from 15-25 previously.
  • Boost to gold amount found in Treasure Chests.

Publish 28/1/21

Advanced Character Tokens
  • The first character created on new accounts will now receive an Advanced Character Token in their bank box.
  • If you are one of the people who already has an account but hasn't gotten around to training any characters on it yet, contact us and we will be happy to give you one manually.
  • The token allows you to pick 5 skills to instantly raise up to 90, and also allows you to set your stats.
Combat Balancing
  • The following spells have had their minimum damage increased: Magic Arrow, Harm, Fireball, Lightning, Explosion, Energy Bolt, and Flame Strike. This is being done to prevent the occurrence of spells which are far too weak on the low end. The maximum damage for these spells is unchanged.
  • The Mind Blast spell has had it's max possible damage reduced slightly to 26 to balance it with the other spells.
  • Greater Explosion Potions have had their max possible damage increased by +2 to 14 (27 with GM Alchemy bonus).
Changes & Fixes
  • Chaos will now liberate Trinsic, Nujel'm, Vesper, and Ocllo less frequently, while liberating the other four towns more frequently.
  • Faction Sigil corruption time has been returned to 2 hours, down from 3.
  • The Battleground system has been temporarily disabled while improvements are being made to it.
  • A bug that was causing some things to flee from combat twice as fast as they should have been has been resolved.

Publish 22/1/21

  • The time it takes to heal yourself using bandages now scales based on a character's current stamina as well as their max dexterity. The minimum time is now 5 seconds.
  • Power Scrolls are now available for the Anatomy skill! Characters with 120 Anatomy gain the following benefits; 30% chance to hit two-handed weapon special moves (+5% increase vs 100 Anatomy), 60% chance to hit Stun with Wrestling (+10% increase vs 100 Anatomy), 4% increase to damage when using weapons vs 100 Anatomy.
  • Bolts and arrows can now penetrate armour. This special move functions exactly the same way as the other two-handed weapon specials do. It increases the damage of the shot by 25%.
  • Being attacked by an AIPKer will no longer flag a character as being "in the heat of battle".
  • Updates and fixes for mouse-over properties.
  • Summer 2021 Gift Boxes will start to be given out tomorrow! More info to come...

Publish 17/1/21

Spawn Changes
  • The cave entrance to Spawn Dungeon has collapsed after a massive earthquake! The Champions and their minions were seen fleeing the dungeon as the mountain came down around them. The dungeon is no longer accessible.
  • Having already heard the rumours of the untamed and resource rich land of Rondorin, the three Champions made haste to the remote continent and have set about claiming it for themselves! After arriving, however, they soon discovered that they were not alone...
  • Three spawn altars now exist on the continent of Rondorin. The spawn type is random on all three.
  • Two new spawn types have been added: Orc and Abyss! Take on the Orcish King and his horde in the brand new Orc spawn, or face up against Semidar the Succubus Queen and her legions of deamons.
  • Players are now able to earn Justice by killing AIPKers (the player-like red/murderer NPCs who ride ethereal mounts).
  • Champions now give out 4 Power Scrolls each (up to 8 using Justice), with the exception of Barracoon who still gives out 3 (6).
  • Some replica artifacts dropped by the Champions have been changed to the real thing instead of replicas. Clothing artifacts have been stripped of mods and are now Blessed instead, such as "The Most Knowledge Person" [sic] hooded shroud.
  • Note: Players may still build houses on Rondorin as before, just not within the immediate vicinity of the spawn altars. Recall/Gate/Mark is also allowed on the continent, but again not near the spawn altars.
Mouse Over
  • Item and mobile names and properties can now be viewed by mousing over the object instead of having to single click on it.
  • Note that the underlying item system has not changed at all, the only change is the way that the information is displayed.
  • Some item names may not display correctly until they are fixed. Please let us know if you find anything that doesn't look right.
LBR Graphics
  • The server will now allow the client to display Lord Blackthorn's Revenge era graphics. Some things will look different after the change, an example of which are Ancient Wyrms.

Publish 9/1/21

Honesty Virtue & Britain Bank
  • Characters who bank-sit at West Britain Bank will now gain in Honesty and earn gold for standing watch over the bank.
  • The higher your Honesty rank, the more gold you will earn. Start: 8gp/5mins; Seeker-Follower: 10gp/5mins; Follower-Knight: 12gp/5mins; Knight: 15gp/5mins
  • Once a character reaches maximum Honesty points they will stop earning gold until their Honesty points decay.
  • Honesty points decay while characters are anywhere in the world other than West Britain Bank.
  • As it relates to Honesty, the West Britain Bank area includes the streets immediately around the bank, inside the bank itself, and the bank's roof.
Spawn Balancing & Fixes
  • The amount of spawn required to advance the spawn from one level to the next has been reduced in order to speed it up.
  • When the spawn gets abandoned and is left unfinished, spawn mobs from higher levels will now be removed 20 minutes after the red candle count reaches the number it originally started with.
  • Giant Rats have had their movement speed reduced.
  • The True Britannian guards inside Castle British will no longer attempt to attack characters on the roof of Britain Bank.

Publish 5/1/21

New Tamables
  • Wild Tiger: 355-555 Str / 105-205 Dex / 105-195 Int / can have up to 105 in Wrestling and Tactics / 2 control slots / mountable / rare black hue / bleed attack / taming required: 103.1 / locations: Ki-Rin Passage and Southern Jungle
  • Lion: 455-705 Str / 75-175 Dex / 55-95 Int / can have up to 110 in Wrestling / 80 Detect Hidden skill / 3 control slots / Grasping Claw ability (lowers victim's armour rating for 5 secs) / taming required: 107.0 / locations: Ki-Rin Passage and Southern Jungle
  • Frost Dragon: 796-825 Str / 86-105 Dex / 436-475 Int / < same base stats as a regular dragon / Grasping Claw ability instead of Dragon Breath / 11 hues: 9 common, 1 uncommon, 1 rare / 3 control slots / taming required: 107.0 / location: Dagger Isle (Ice Island)
  • Arcane Drake: 450-555 Str / 50-100 Dex / 650-950 Int / can have up to 110 Resist and Eval Int skills and up to 120 Meditation / 3 control slots / taming required: 113.0 / location: Destard level 4
  • Hell Steed: 556-855 Str / 76-105 Dex / 156-315 Int / can have up to 105 Wrestling and up to 120 Resist / Raging Breath ability (damage over time: 10 x 5 ticks) / 9 hues: 1 normal, 1 common, 3 uncommon, 3 rare, 1 super rare / 3 control slots / mountable / taming required: 113.0 / location: Hythloth level 4
House Changes
  • An account can now place an unlimited number of Classic Houses in Britannia.
  • Players may now build one Custom House in Britannia per account. Out of necessity, the Custom must be the first house placed in Britannia on the account (including Classic Houses), otherwise placement will be denied. After placing the Custom, players may then build additional Classic Houses in Britannia as mentioned above.
  • Custom Housing remains unlimited in Rondorin.
Updates & Fixes
  • Faction and Battleground stats added to Server Status page. Also added more general stats and improved layout.
  • Battlegrounds are now Reagent, Arrow, and Bandage free areas.
  • Updates and bug fixes for the Battleground system. Scores have been reset. New ranking system.
  • Characters will now use the Stealth skill automatically when they attempt to walk while hidden, instead of requiring the skill to be used manually each time.
  • Fire Demons have begun spawning at the Fire Temple on the Isle of the Avatar.
  • Faction atrophy changes. Previously, characters with positive Faction scores would suffer atrophy and eventually have their points reduced to 0, whilst those with a negative score remained in the negatives. This has been reversed so that those with negative scores will be brought back up to 0 by having their negative points converted into positives and distributed to those on 0 or above. Scores may fluctuate over the coming hours as the system goes through this process and distributes points.

Publish 2/1/21

Spawn Balancing
  • Barracoon, Neira and Rikktor have been weakened to adjust for Classic Era characters.
  • The number of spawn creatures that need to be killed in order to advance a spawn to the next level has been reduced significantly, especially in the case of level 1.
  • Increased the chance of receiving 115 and 120 Power Scrolls.

Publish 29/12/20

Champ Spawn
  • A Champion Spawn has been added to the shard in it's own dedicated dungeon, Spawn Dungeon, which can be located through the cave entrance in Southpeak Mountain (what is normally the Delucia Passage).
  • There are currently three different champions and their spawns available to fight: Barracoon/Rats, Rikktor/Reptile, and Neira/Undead. The type of spawn is randomly selected, with more types to be added in the future.
  • Power Scrolls are now available for the following skills: Blacksmith, Tailoring, Animal Lore, Vet, Healing, Meditation, Taming, Music, Peace, Provocation, Discordance, Stealing, Stealth, and Fishing.
  • Defeating a champion rewards the victors with 3 Power Scrolls. This number can be increased up to a maximum of 6 by using the Justice Virtue. Justice may be earned by defeating opponents in Battlegrounds.
  • The spawn will restart automatically 6 hours after it has last been completed. It can be started more frequently via the Valor Virtue, and can also be "bumped" with Valor too. Valor may be earned by competing in Factions, instead of via spawning as is usually the case.
  • There is no moongate to the Star Room when a champion is defeated.

Publish 24/12/20

New Landmass & Custom Houses
  • The Nujel'm Mines have undergone a massive expansion and now delve deep under the seafloor and into the planet's crust!
  • A previously uncharted landmass has been discovered by a construction team working on the mine! It is thought that this remote continent was once part of the Kingdom of Rondorin, part of the Lands of the Feudal Lords. In honour of the land's former rulers, the workers who discovered it have given it the name Rondorin.
  • On attempting to return from Rondorin to Nujel'm via the mine, however, the construction team soon found the way completely blocked by all manner of aggressive Elementals, who have apparently been drawn to the precious metals unearthed by the miners. All workers have now fled the mine, leaving the construction team trapped on Rondorin. A quick look at the treacherous ocean tides that constantly swirl around the remote land quickly put to rest any thought of building a boat and putting to sea.
  • Stuck on Rondorin, the highly skilled team have put their time in isolation to good use and have developed advanced methods of housing construction! One may speak to the self proclaimed Real Estate Broker of Rondorin to learn how to acquire a plot of land there and build a Custom House.
  • Custom Houses placed on Rondorin do not count towards an account's normal house limit, the only barriers are cost and available space.
  • Unlike the rest of Britannia, houses/plots on Rondorin may be placed on slightly bumpy/uneven terrain, allowing more of the continent to be built on.

Publish 20/12/20

Deco of Despise
  • Killing monsters in Despise Dungeon now has a chance to reward the player with a special Deco of Despise Artifact.
  • A total of 50 decoration artifacts are available to collect, such as; rocks, parrots and their perches, rugs, banners, tiles, rare furniture, and much more.
  • Every monster on all three levels of Despise has a chance to reward their killer with an artifact. The higher the fame of the monster, the higher the chance of receiving an artifact.
  • The chance of receiving an artifact increases with each monster killed until one is received.
Combat Balancing
  • Healing yourself with Bandages now takes from 4-8 seconds, depending on the character's dexterity. This means healing will be significantly faster than it was previously for those with high dex.
  • Archers now only have to stand still for half a second before being able to fire, down from a full second previously.
  • The base damage of Greater Explosion Potions has been increased to 8-12. This means a GM Alchemist can do anywhere from 15-25 damage with one after the alchemy bonus is applied, returning the potions to a similar power to what they were originally.
  • The timer for throwing Explosion Potions has been reduced to it's original shorter duration. To compensate for being made faster and more powerful, Explosion Potions can no longer be thrown while casting spells or while frozen.
Changes & Bug Fixes
  • Context menus! Single clicking on something will now display it's context menu, if it has one. This enables countless features that were previously inaccessible, an example of which is the option to set the security of lockdowns in a house.
  • Houses now use post-AoS rules, making them much easier to manage. This also means that house keys are no longer required.
  • The daily pay to maintain player-run vendors has been dramatically reduced.
  • Improvements to the Battleground System. The CTF mode has been temporarily disabled.

Publish 26/11/20

  • Blessed/Newbied items will no longer change locations in a character's backpack after they die and res.
  • Like in Arenas, characters will now keep their possessions when they die in a Battleground, rather than having them drop to their corpse and be lootable. This is to encourage more frequent participation in BGs.
  • One new Battleground location has been added, while three that didn't work well have been removed. Another location has been reduced in size, while the other five remain the same. This means there are now seven Battleground locations, with more to be added in the future.
  • The Super Death Match Battleground mode has been disabled for now.
  • Battlegrounds will now end if one of the teams has no players in it for whatever reason.
  • Increased Battleground gold reward amount for winning team.
  • Characters will now be automatically revealed if they become hidden/invisible while in possession of a Battleground Flag.
  • Players can now use the command [BGoptout to disable the Battleground gump (the pop-up which asks "Join Battleground?"). Use [BGoptin if you wish to enable it again.
  • Fixed bug related to some Shadowlords Faction guards.
  • Fixed bug with Summoned Air Elemental movement speed.
  • Greater Explosion Potions have had their base damage increased to 4-10, up from 4-8. This means a GM Alchemist can now do up to 23 damage with them.

Publish 19/11/20

PvP Battleground System
  • New PvP system: Automatic Random Battlegrounds! Ideal for those looking for a quick hit of PvP without having to look for it.
  • Four different battle modes: Team Death Match, Team Elimination, Super Death Match, and Capture the Flag.
  • Nine epic Battleground locations, each of which present unique challenges, with more locations to be added in the future.
Spirit Speak
  • Characters which have at least 30 Spirit Speak skill and which meet the other requirements below will now gain a bonus to their maximum Mana. The formula is Spirit Speak skill divided by 4, meaning someone with 100 skill would have their max possible mana increased by 25.
  • To be eligible for the Spirit Speak Mana cap increase, characters cannot have 30 or over in ANY of the following skills: Alchemy, Inscription, Tactics, Swordsmanship, Fencing, Macing, Archery.
  • An example of a "Spirit Mage" template would be GM Mage/Med/Resist/Eval/Wrestle/Anat/Spirit. This has been done to make pure/stun/disarm mages without alchemy, inscription, or weapon skills more viable.
Changes, Balances & Bug Fixes
  • Fire Steeds now spawn in a much wider range. New min-max possible stats: 355-605 Str / 55-155 Dex / 55-95 Int. New base damage: 20-28. New rare hues and change to default hue so Fire Steeds look less like Ki-Rins.
  • Explosion Potions should now correctly damage the thrower if they are in range of the explosion.
  • A bug which was preventing Resisting Spells from working correctly sometimes has been fixed.
  • Total Refreshment Potions now only restore half a character's Stamina instead of all of it.
  • The Faction Sigil purification time has been increased to 48 (Trinsic), 24 (Vesper, Ocllo, Nujel'm) and 12 (Britain, Moonglow, Yew, Skara Brae) hours, up from 6 previously.
  • A small number of guards now spawn in Britain, Moonglow, Yew, and Skara Brae immediately around their Sigil Monoliths.
  • A bug which was making it much harder to meditate than it should have been has been resolved.
  • Bulk Blank Scrolls are now available to buy from the Moonglow Town Stone.
  • The spell damage bonus from Inscription has been increased from 5 to 10%.
  • The spell Create Food can no longer be used in Arenas or in the Jhelom Training Area.
  • Characters should no longer hear their clocks chiming from anywhere while they are stored in their Bank.
  • Tokuno and Gargish ships have been renamed Junk Ships and Battleships, respectively. Known issue: Shipwright Vendors still sell them by their former names. The cost of these ships has also been reduced.
  • Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added additional content which will be revealed in the future...
21/11 Publish Update
  • The Alchemy Bonus for explosion potions is now Alchemy Skill / 7.5 (13 at GM) - This means a GM Alchemist can now do anywhere from 10-21 damage with a Greater Explosion Potion, while a character without the Alchemy Bonus can do just 4-8 with the same potion.
  • Base Damage of Explosion Potions has changed - Lesser: 1-4 Normal: 2-6 Greater: 4-8.
  • Potions now weigh 4 stones each. The exception are Explosion Potions, which weigh 6 stones each due to their volatile nature.
  • Explosion Potions can once again be thrown while frozen.
  • Greater Heal Potions now have a 60 second cool down. The amount they can heal has been increased to 20-30.
  • Greater Cure Potions now have a 10% chance to fail to cure lesser poison.
  • The Cure Spell now has a 2.5% chance to fail at curing lesser poison.
  • The following spells have had their damage/healing amount adjusted:

Magic Arrow: 7-11

Harm: 8-12

Fireball: 11-18

Lightning: 14-22

Energy Bolt: 25-37

Explosion: 22-39

Flame Strike: 30-45

Heal: 5-10 (at GM)

Greater Heal: 35-45 (at GM)

Publish 20/09/20 - Shard Launch

  • Shard Launch! Players can create up to 3 new accounts per IP/household on the shard.
  • Special Launch Gift: New accounts created before 31/10/20 will receive a Stallion Statuette in the bank box of the first character created on the account. These unique looking horses have the same functionality as Ethereal Mounts and come in a wide range of different colours.
  • Shard Launch and 23rd Anniversary gifts! See the Holiday Gifts page for more info.
  • Complete revamp of all Dungeons and many other hunting locations. New as yet un-named Reptile and Fey themed dungeon (entrance South of Shame Dungeon).
  • Dungeons now have special Fast Spawn locations to create ideal hunting spots, some which feature unique creatures to fight.
  • Characters and Pets will now benefit from a +50% increase to the minimum chance to gain skill whilst inside Dungeons.
  • Mages may now cast Gate Travel to the outside world from inside Dungeons. Like Recall, casting Gate from within a Dungeon takes 3 seconds longer than normal.
  • Shard-wide adjustments to loot. Randomness and chance for extra gold increased.
  • The Lost Lands, as well as the Terathan Keep and Khaldun Dungeons, are no longer accessible. However, many wild and dangerous critters were able to escape into Britannia before the passages were sealed!
  • Nujel'm has gained a public Town Moongate on the North side of the island and replaces Delucia in the list of gates.
  • Changes to Town Stone and Hitching Post prices and offerings. The stones and posts have also been moved next to banks for convenience.
  • Ocllo and Nujel'm have replaced Delucia and Minoc as Faction Towns.
  • The towns of Britain, Moonglow, Yew, and Skara Brae are no longer occupied by Faction or Chaos Guards. The defence of these four Sigils is now left entirely to players.
  • The towns of Vesper, Ocllo, Nujel'm, and especially the new sole Faction Capital, Trinsic, are occupied by large armies of Faction or Chaos Guards. Capturing the Sigils in these towns, especially Trinsic's, rewards much more Silver and Valor points than the other four unguarded towns will. See the rewritten Factions guide for more info.
  • Spell damage balance changes.
  • Weapon damage bug fixes and balancing.
  • Having decided his throne room is unsafe due to all the Faction activity that happens in it, Lord British has gone for a walk around to the back of his castle to be among his loyal guards.
  • Many more misc bug fixes and minor updates.

Publish 22/08/20

War Mount Whistle
  • War Mount Whistles are now available from Faction Silver Donation Boxes!
  • After a whistle is linked to a bonded War Mount it can be used to call the mount to your location.
  • Each whistle has a maximum of 50 uses and cannot be recharged.
  • You can only whistle your mount once every 2 minutes. Unlike Pet Summoning Balls, War Mount Whistles may be used in combat and/or while hidden.
  • War Mount Whistles are Blessed.
  • Only Faction War Mounts (including Dark and Silver Steeds) may be linked to War Mount Whistles.
Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Faction and Chaos Guards now carry much more Gold as loot than before. The stronger the guard the more Gold they will have.
  • Defeating Faction and Chaos Guards will now reward the character with slightly more Silver and Valor than before.
  • Further minor balancing of Faction and Chaos Guards.
  • Balancing of AI Arena opponents and AIPKs.
  • A potential server crash was found on the test shard and has been fixed before it ever occurred on the live shard.
  • Misc minor bug fixes.

Publish 20/08/20

  • Three new types of medium strength Faction Guards have been added: Faction Archers (TB & Min), Faction Spearman (CoM & SL), and Chaos Archers.
  • Faction Death Knights (SL) are now mages instead of melee fighters.
  • Reduction of the number of Guards that spawn in towns.
  • The two "Good" Factions (TB and CoM) now share the Capitals of Britain and Moonglow, and may both send large armies to defend either if they control them.
  • The two "Evil" Factions (Minax and SL) now share the Capitals of Trinsic and Yew, and may both send large armies to defend either if they control them.
  • Skara Brae is now an undefended "Guard free" Faction Town.
  • The three other non-Capital Faction Towns (Vesper, Minoc, and Delucia) will now be occupied by smaller and weaker armies of Guards than before.
  • Players are now able to Recall out of Dungeons. Casting Recall from inside a Dungeon takes 3 seconds longer than normal to cast.
  • Explosion Potions are no longer stackable.
  • A bug that was causing the movement of some monsters to glitch has been resolved.

Publish 15/08/20

  • Human NPC mages can now have their casting disturbed by taking damage.
  • The Spirituality Virtue has been balanced for the Classic Era. See it's Wiki entry for details.
  • Explosion Potions now hit all eligible targets within a 2 tile radius when they explode, including the thrower.
  • A bug which was preventing the Reveal Spell from working has been fixed.
  • Using casted Moongates will now reveal hidden characters.
  • A bug which allowed Gate Travel into Town Monolith Areas has been resolved.
  • Restarting the shard will no longer reset all Faction Towns to Neutral/Chaos control.
  • Gump and Cliloc fixes.
  • Faction Traps which spawn in towns automatically will now decay after awhile and re-spawn in a different spot around the Town Monolith.
  • Enhancements and bug fixes to some NPC AI.
  • The Wrestling Stun and Disarm abilities have had their mana cost reduced by 5 each to 20 and 15, respectively.
  • Failing to Stun will no longer consume mana (failing a Disarm already didn't).
  • Misc bug and exploit fixes.

Publish 09/08/20

  • The "Help Stuck" system has been re-enabled, however it can now only be used by characters who are dead.
  • A server crash bug related to boats has been resolved.
  • A bug related to Magic Reflect and Mind Blast has been fixed.

Publish 07/08/20

Town Stone Changes
  • All the Faction Town Stones have been adjusted.
  • With one exception (Skara Brae), each town has one item/resource which it specialises in that it sells at the lowest price available on the shard. The town's secondary item is available at a lower price than normal vendors, however it may be available from another Town Stone at a lower price. Skara Brae has two items which it specialises in.
  • Empty Bottles are now available from two towns.
  • Enhanced Bandages are now available from one town's Stone. This is the only place that they can be acquired.
  • GM Carpenters can now learn the Masonry skill! Stone furniture and house walls can now be manufactured, among many other things.
  • GM Miners can learn how to dig for quality stone!
  • Visit your local carpentry shop and talk to the Stone Crafter vendor to purchase the required books.
Updates & Bug Fixes
  • A bug that was preventing Magic Reflection from working has been resolved. Direct damage spells can now be reflected.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements to NPC AI.
  • Minor adjustments to NPC shop prices to fit in with the changes to Town Stones.
  • Misc bug fixes, CliLoc and gump updates.

Publish 30/07/20

Chaos Anti-Faction
  • Lord Blackthorn's Chaos troops will now randomly liberate Faction controlled cities and turn them neutral.
  • Cities cannot be liberated by Chaos for at least 24 hours after being captured by a Faction.
  • Chaos troops are hostile towards members of all four Factions, as well as common criminals. They ignore all others, including innocents and murderers, unless they are attacked first.
  • All cities have been liberated by Chaos and are now neutral.
Rewards, Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Four new rewards have been added to the Faction Silver Donation Box: Clothing Bless Deeds, House Ladders, Commodity Deed Boxes, and House Teleporter Tile Sets are now available!
  • Castle Blackthorn is no longer under the protection of the Town Guards. Lord Blackthorn can now be attacked.
  • Wild Horses, Ridable Llamas and Forest Ostards now hate each other and will attack one another on sight.
  • Faction Wizards have had their Magery and Eval Int reduced.
  • Adjustments to Faction Guard occupation numbers.
  • Enhancements to NPC AI.
  • Misc bug fixes.

Publish 24/07/20

  • Lady Minax has been made stronger and now uses completely different AI.
  • Lord British and Lady Minax will now drop at least one Reagent Gem as loot, as well as having a chance to drop either a second Reagent Gem or a First Aid Gem.
  • Lord Blackthorn will always drop a Legendary Smithy Hammer.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Faction Guards from attacking Chaos Guards in some situations.

Publish 23/07/20

  • Lord Blackthorn now has a small random chance to drop two different rares when he is killed; a Legendary Smithy Hammer and/or a Chaos War Horse Imprisoned in a Crystal.
  • Legendary Smithy Hammers grant a +20 boost to the Blacksmith skill when equipped and have 50 uses.
  • The Chaos War Horse Imprisoned in a Crystal will summon a Chaos War Horse when it is used. The horse is instantly bonded to the character who summons it and cannot be traded or tamed. Chaos War Horses are equal to Faction War Horses in strength and functionality, except they do not require their rider to be in a Faction to be ridden.
  • White Wyrms now spawn in more shades of white. Grayish white is more common, while brighter whites are rarer.
  • More bug fixes.

Publish 22/07/20

Lady Minax
  • Britannia is in a state of panic as rumours spread that the vile Lady Minax herself has returned!
  • A sinister red Moongate has appeared in the Minax Faction Stronghold!
Lord Blackthorn
  • Dismayed by the ongoing wars between the Factions and never one to let his old friend and rival Lord British steal the spotlight for long, Lord Blackthorn has moved back into his castle above Britain and has issued a call to arms to his Chaos troops!
  • Faction Cities which rebel and turn Neutral will now be occupied by Chaos guards who have been sent by Lord Blackthorn to defend the city's right to neutrality. Chaos troops are hostile towards all four Factions and will attempt to prevent the city from being recaptured. Sigils in Neutral Cities undergo purification for 2 hours instead of the usual 12.
Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Enhanced Lord British's Paladin/Chivalry AI.
  • Lord British is now even stronger and drops more loot.
  • +10 Ancient Smithy Hammers are now available for purchase from Blacksmiths.
  • A bug that prevented the purchase of Dark and Silver Steeds has been fixed.
  • Dark and Silver Steeds have been given more appropriate sound effects.
  • Escortable NPCs should no longer ask to be taken to Magincia.
  • Fixed bug with smelting coloured ore.
  • Faction thieves now receive more Valor for stealing Sigils.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing armour from being made out of coloured ingots.
  • Additional changes behind the scenes to enable current and future content.
  • Further balancing of human NPC AI.
  • The maximum duration of the Paralyze spell will now be halved if the target is either a player or a human NPC.
  • The New Player Dungeon is now known as the Nujel'm Mines and a Moongate to it's entrance has been placed outside the Counselor's Office in Jhelom. This also allows easy access to the peaceful city of Nujel'm itself.
  • Savage Ridgebacks and Swamp Dragons can no longer be mounted by players.
  • Cliloc fixes and updates to various gumps.

Publish 12/07/20

Valor Virtue & Factions
  • The Valor Virtue has been completely redesigned and has been linked to the Factions system.
  • Valor is earned by killing enemy Faction guards, human NPC Faction members, and by stealing Sigils.
  • Characters must be a Seeker of Valor before they can buy from Faction Town Stones. The Faction rank requirement to use the Stones has been removed.
  • Valor Stones have been added! Valor Stones look like red Town Stones and require the character to be a Follower of Valor before they can be used.
  • A Valor Stone has been placed in each of the Faction bases. A 5th Valor Stone will be added to the Moongate Hall shortly.
  • Four items can be purchased from Valor Stones: First Aid Kits (250 Valor), Reagent Gems (2,500), Exceptional Leather Suits (500), and War Horses (10,000).
  • First Aid Kits contain Reagents, Potions, Bandages and Food.
  • New Item: Reagent Gems! A character who dies while they have a Reagent Gem in their possession will be granted a bag containing 50 of each Reagent in their backpack when they resurrect.
  • Faction Towns now have a random chance to rebel against their new masters when they are captured and instead go neutral.
  • Neutral towns will quickly fill with troops from all four of the Factions who will fight to the death until the town is captured by a player again.
  • Sigils in neutral towns do not undergo purification and may be re-stolen immediately to be taken to a Faction base for corruption.
  • Even when a town goes neutral afterwards, the thief who captures the Sigil and turns the town from occupied to neutral will still be credited with a town capture and will be rewarded with Silver and Valor as normal.
  • The suits of armor available from the Minoc and Delucia Town Stones now cost gold instead of silver.
Stylist Vendor
  • Hair Stylist Vendors are now simply called Stylists and offer a range of services to customize your character! They can be found in some alchemist shops.
  • Now Available: Name Change, Gender Change, Skin Tinging Tincture, Hair Restyling, Normal Hair Dye, Special Hair Dye, and Special Beard Dye.
Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Further enhancements and bug fixes to NPC AI.
  • Starvation no longer reveals characters who are hidden.

Publish 08/07/20

Arena Changes
  • Two new hard AI Arenas: Labyrinth and Lava Lake!
  • The Fighting Pit Arena has been changed from AI to PvP.
  • Potions and field spells are now allowed in some Arenas. See the Arenas page for more info.
  • Ocllo Arena has been removed from the Arena Moongate list, even though it remains a fully functional Arena. This has been done to free up room on the Arena Moongate menu and because Ocllo Arena is only a very short distance from Ocllo's own Town Moongate.
  • The Khaldun Arena area has been altered slightly to make it look better and to create a small space next to the arena building for fighting on the grass outside.
Updates & Bug Fixes
  • The four stronger types of Faction foot-soliders have been given a unique boost. Faction Knights (True Brits) now have some Parrying skill, Faction Berserkers (Minax) have higher Tactics skill, Faction Death Knights (Shadowlords) have higher Magic Resist skill, while Faction Wizzards have their strong mage spells.
  • A bug relating to the wrong damage being applied in some situations has been resolved.
  • CliLoc fixes.
  • Variety Dealers now display their shop inventory correctly.
  • Enhancements to NPC AI.
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements.

Publish 06/07/20

Pet Summoning Balls
  • Blood Elementals now have a small chance to drop a Pet Summoning Ball as loot. Blood Elementals can be found on the bottom level of Dungeon Shame.
  • Pet Summoning Balls are initially Cursed (can be looted) until they are successfully linked to a pet, at which time they become Blessed.
  • There is a 10 minute re-use cooldown after summoning a pet.
  • The Balls can hold 3 charges at once and can be recharged a maximum of 25 times.
  • They cannot be used by a player who is in combat, is criminal, is hidden, or by someone who is in an Arena.
  • Powder of Translocation is used to charge the Balls and can be found as loot on Fire Demons, who now inhabit the bottom level of Hythloth Dungeon.
Fire Steeds
  • Fire Steeds now spawn on the bottom level of Fire Dungeon!
  • Unlike Fire Steeds on OSI, ours are not neon/blaze in hue. Instead they now come in five different hues that might be described as "Blood Orange" in colour. They also come in four different body types. This means there are a total of 20 different shades of Fire Steed (the 5 hues each look a little different on the 4 horse body types). One hue (4 shades) is common, while the other four hues (16 shades) are rare.
  • New horse sound effects unique to the Fire Steed.
  • A good Fire Steed will be somewhat stronger than a Nightmare in melee combat. They also have a powerful Fire Breath attack that is similar to Dragon's.
Updates & Bug Fixes
  • An opportunistic Variety Dealer and a Healer have set up shop down in the depths of Hythloth Dungeon to tend to the dead, for a price...
  • The loot available from some monsters has been adjusted.
  • The price of certain items available from NPC vendors has been adjusted.
  • Characters now require a rank of 2 with their Faction before they can buy from Town Stones.
  • Pets will now refuse to attack mounted Faction guards.
  • A major bug that was causing NPC AI to glitch has been resolved.

Publish 03/07/20

  • Explosion Potions are no longer stackable.
  • Lockdowns inside houses are now counted correctly.
  • Improvements to NPC AI, particularly Mage AI.
  • The damage output of a few spells has been adjusted slightly. The largest change was to Mind Blast, which was previously capable of doing far too much damage and has been scaled back to a more reasonable level.
  • Further balancing of Faction Guards, AI Arena opponents, and human NPCs.
  • The Wrestling special moves now consume Mana instead of Stamina. Stun = 25 | Disarm = 20
  • Added sound effects for Wrestling hits/punches.
  • Fixed various Cliloc errors.
  • Characters can no longer recall or gate into the area immediately surrounding Faction Town Monoliths.
  • Known Issue: The points on Faction Donation Boxes are not decaying as they should and the garrisons in the bases are not spawning or despawning. As a result we will manually add a garrison to each base some time after the publish goes live. The garrison function of the Donations Box has been disabled for now, however players may still donate to the box and claim rewards from it as normal.
  • Characters will now be awarded 250 Silver for capturing a Faction Town. This reward is not affected by the Faction's tithe rate and goes directly to the thief who returns the Sigil to the town after it has been corrupted.
  • The loot available from Shadow, White, and Ancient Wyrms has been improved.
  • Misc bug fixes.

Publish 01/07/20

  • Explosion Potions can no longer be thrown while frozen/para/casting.
  • Complete re-write of the Stamina loss on damage algorithm.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a character's Stamina to fall to 0 for no reason.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some human mage NPCs from being able to be interrupted.
  • Players will now earn Silver for defeating human NPCs which are members of rival factions.
  • More balancing of Faction Guards and AI Arena NPCs.
  • Faction Traps now spawn around Town Monoliths to protect the Sigil. These traps may be removed/disarmed with a Faction Trap Removal Kit and the Detect Hidden and Remove Trap skills. Removing/disarming traps will reward the player with Silver. See the Factions page on the Wiki for more info.
  • The Faction Stability system has been enabled. The largest Faction may not grow more than 3 times larger than the smallest Faction.
  • Reward Gladiator Candles, Lanterns and Torches have had the formatting of their item names fixed.
  • Players who have equal to 100.0 skill in Stealth may now take an extra 2 steps before needing to reuse the Stealth skill. This raises the max steps from 10 to 12.
  • Items bought from Faction Town Stones will now be put in the character's bank box if they are unable to carry the item(s) in their backpack. This should also make buying in bulk from the Stones much easier.
  • Wood bought from Town Stones may now be used for crafting.
  • Characters should no longer be flagged as in the heat of battle when they are attacked by Faction Guards in situations where the character is not the aggressor.
  • Plus many other misc. bug fixes and balance changes.

Early Updates

The large number of updates that took place prior to 01/07/20 are not documented here.