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Download Oceania Classic Setup (ClassicUO)

About OC

  • Two separate isolated worlds to play in: Britannia and The Lost Lands.
  • Set in Ultima Online's Classic Era.
  • Tonnes of original and custom PvM content, including some new NPCs with enhanced AI.
  • Original (pre-AoS) item system and core game mechanics.
  • All new Order vs Chaos Battles in addition to the classic Order vs Chaos guild warfare system.
  • Classic and Custom Houses.
  • Large ships from the High Seas expansion.
  • Hundreds of Artifacts to collect.
  • Factions PvP redesigned and expanded. War rages across Britannia! Who's side will you join?
  • Friendly and helpful staff with active dev team. Frequent Publishes (game updates) and new content.
  • Professionally hosted server located in Sydney, Australia.
  • Free to play!

Check out the Era Information page, Search this Wiki or browse Categories for more details about the shard.

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Shard History

  • Early work on Oceania Classic began in 2019.
  • The public beta testing phase started in April of 2020.
  • The Oceania Classic shard was launched at approx 5:00pm AEST on September 21st, 2020.
  • An isolated expansion world, The Lost Lands, was added to the shard on April 27th, 2021.