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Four warring Factions struggle for control of Britannia! Who's side will you join?

Lady Minax

The Faction System in Oceania Classic has been redesigned and expanded compared to what used to exist on OSI.


The New Council of Mages Stronghold In Wind

To join a Faction, visit the stronghold of the one you wish to join and use the signup stone located near the entrance. You will be given a uniform to show your allegiance and will be able to join in the fight immediately.

True Britannians

The True Britannians are the loyal followers of Lord British. Their stronghold is Castle British in Britain.

Council of Mages

The Council of Mages are political opponents of Lord British's rule who were originally based on Verity Isle (Moonglow) and the now abandoned Isle of Magincia. They have since relocated their stronghold underground to the City of Mages, Wind.


This Faction follows 3 evil demonic entities known as the Shadowlords. Their base is located in the Yew Crypts.

Followers of Minax

The Followers of Minax, or just Minax for short, support the vile Lady Minax in her attempts to overthrow her bitter enemy, Lord British. Their stronghold is located in Dragonhame Mountain, with the entrance located almost opposite to that of Dungeon Destard. The mountain can be found roughly halfway between the cities of Trinsic and Skara Brae.

Chaos Anti-Faction

Dismayed by the relentless war between the four Factions, Lord Blackthorn has ordered his Chaos troops to liberate captured cities and guard those which have declared neutrality. Chaos guards are hostile towards members of all four Factions. Chaos are based in Castle Blackthorn above Britain.

Note: Chaos in this context is the Anti-Faction and cannot be joined by players. It should not be confused with the separate version of Chaos which players can join as part of the Order vs Chaos guild warfare system.

Town Capture & Control

The cities of Britain, Moonglow, Yew, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper, Ocllo, and Nujel'm can be captured and controlled by the Factions.

Cities are captured by stealing the town Sigil, taking it back to your base, holding it for 2 hours to corrupt, and then placing it back in the respective town. The town is secured for 12 hours at which point the Sigil can be stolen once again by a rival Faction member.

Stealing a Sigil requires either 80.0 in the Stealing skill or a pair of Gloves of Sigil Stealing (see below).

Faction Guards

A Faction which controls Trinsic, Vesper, Ocllo, or Nujel'm will send troops to thes defend the valuable resources available from them.

Once a player captures a town by placing it's corrupted sigil back on the town monolith, troops will begin to arrive from the player's Faction to guard the town.

Killing enemy Faction Guards will reward the player with Silver along with whatever else the guard may be carrying.

Faction Guards from the True Britannians and Council of Mages will attack Murderers who aren't in the same Faction as them on sight, even if the Murderer isn't in a Faction at all.

Shadowlords Faction Guards will attack anyone in their town who isn't in the Shadowlords Faction, including innocent Blues who are not even in a Faction at all.

Council of Mages guards will attack anyone with negative Karma who is not from their Faction, including innocent Blues who are not even in a Faction at all.

Minax guards will attack anyone with positive Karma who is not from their Faction, including innocent Blues who are not even in a Faction at all.

Faction Traps

After a town is captured, Faction Traps of various kinds will be laid around the town monolith to protect the Sigil.

Faction Traps can be found with the Detect Hidden skill and removed with a Faction Trap Removal Kit via the Remove Trap skill. Disarming/removing Faction Traps will reward the character with Silver.

Some time after a trap is removed a new one will be laid around the monolith to replace it.

Capital Cities

Each Faction has a Capital City which is defended by a much larger army than normal when it is controlled by that Faction.

Capturing an opposing Faction's Capital is required in order to purchase some War Mounts.

  • True Britannians - Britain
  • Council of Mages - Moonglow
  • Shadowlords - Yew
  • Followers of Minax - Trinsic
Neutral Cities

Faction Cities have a small random chance to rebel against their new masters when they are captured and instead declare themselves to be Neutral.

Chaos can also liberate captured cities and turn them neutral. A city cannot be liberated by Chaos for at least 24 hours after it has been captured by a Faction.

Neutral Cities are occupied by Lord Blackthorn's anti-Faction Chaos guards. Chaos troops are hostile towards all Factions and are there to defend the city's right to neutrality.

Town Stones

When a Faction controls one of the eight towns, members from that Faction may purchase select goods in which that town specialises in at a greatly discounted price from the Town Stone. Some goods can be paid for in Gold, while some require Silver.

Players must be a Seeker of Valor before they are able to buy from the Town Stones.

Town Hitching Post

Town Hitching Posts can be found next to Town Stones and allow Faction members to purchase War Mounts. The same Town Hitching Post will provide different War Mounts based on the Faction - a post that sells a War Horse to one Faction might sell a War Llama to a different Faction if they were to capture the same town, for example.

War Mounts
True Brits War Horses

New War Mounts based on the original Faction War Horse have been added, some of which can only be purchased by either the two "good" OR the two "evil" Factions. Like the War Horse, the new War Mounts can be resurrected by their owner without the need for any Vet skill.

  • War Horse - All Factions
  • War Llama - All Factions
  • War Ostard - All Factions
  • War Bear - All Factions
  • War Warg - Minax & Shadowlords
  • War Drake - True Britannians & Council of Mages
  • Dark Steed - Minax & Shadowlords
  • Silver Steed - True Britannians & Council of Mages

Capturing an enemy Faction's Capital City from the opposing side of good/evil is the only way to purchase Dark and Silver Steeds. For example, the True Britannians (good) would need to capture either the Minax (evil) capital of Trinsic or the Shadowlords (evil) capital of Yew in order to purchase Silver Steeds. On the other hand, capturing the Council of Mages (good) capital of Moonglow would not enable the True Britannians to purchase Silver Steeds from it's Town Hitching Post, which would instead offer them War Horses.

A Player Battles With Townsfolk In Britain

The makeup of a town's population and how it behaves will change based on which Faction is controlling the town.

  • True Britannians: Towns under the rule of Lord British are full of law abiding citizens who dare not instigate combat with anyone.
  • Council of Mages: Tired at having ruffians and evildoers lurking in their streets and having grown impatient with the lack of action taken by Lord British, regular citizens in towns controlled by the Council of Mages have gone vigilante and will openly attack Murderers and anyone with negative Karma.
  • Followers of Minax: Towns which have the misfortune to be captured by the forces of Minax quickly descend into utter chaos in the absence of the rule of law. It isn't long before it's every man and woman for themselves as decent folk fight for their very lives whilst those of ill intent seek to take advantage of the situation. Bodies soon litter the streets as society begins to crumble...
  • Shadowlords: Any poor soul left behind after a town falls to the followers of the demonic Shadowlords is swiftly possessed and driven completely insane. Only evil lives here.
  • Neutral/Chaos: Neutral cities are inhabited by a mix of good and evil Townsfolk.

These Townsfolk are not under the jurisdiction of the normal Town Guards - you cannot call "guards" on them.

Townsfolk are not in the Factions themselves and will react to others regardless of their Faction status. It is entirely possible for Townsfolk to attack members of the very Faction which controls the town they're from.

Shopkeepers/Vendors may also be attacked by the Townsfolk based on their own Karma level.

No Magincia

Magincia is not included in the Faction System on Oceania Classic as the Isle of Magincia has been abandoned entirely.

Magincia has been replaced by Delucia, which makes a triumphant return to the Faction wars after many long years.

The Council of Mages stronghold is now located in Wind.

Valor Virtue

The Valor Virtue allows characters to buy from Town Stones and Valor Stones.

Characters can raise their Valor Virtue by taking part in Faction combat and stealing Sigils.

Garrisons & Rewards

The Faction strongholds are now garrisoned in order to defend the Sigils from being stolen.

Faction Silver Donation Box

The Silver Donation Box is located next to each Faction's Stronghold Stone.

Rewards may be claimed from the box, such as Ethereal Mounts, with more rewards planned to be added in the future.

Gloves of Sigil Stealing

Gloves of Sigil Stealing are available as a reward from the Faction Garrison Donation Box for 1000 Silver. These gloves allow a player to steal Sigils without the need for the Stealing skill whilst they are being worn. The wearer will also suffer a -10 penalty to Dexterity while the gloves are equipped, which also means they require at least 21 Dexterity to wear.

Temporary Skill Loss

Dying to an enemy Factioner will result in a 5 minute temporary skill loss of 33% for the victim.