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Classic Era

Aside from the Classic Client and ClassicUO Client, while there are many things that define what "classic" is to different people, there are two major turning points in Ultima Online's history that stand out above all others as marking the end to UO's Classic Era. The first was the introduction of the Trammel facet with the release of the Renaissance Expansion (May 4th, 2000), while the second was the changes to the item system and game mechanics that came with the Age of Shadows Expansion (Feb 11th, 2003).

Oceania Classic is set during The Second Age, before both the Renaissance and the Age of Shadows.

It is important to note that while Oceania Classic is set in The Second Age, it is not a replica or exact recreation of the game as it was during The Second Age, nor does it seek to be. It is for this reason that we describe the shard as being in the "Classic Era" instead.

Main Features

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