Dynamic Vendor Economy

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Regular town shopkeepers across Sosaria have been given the freedom to set their own prices.

Different vendors in the same town and even in the very same shop may offer vastly different prices, or one town may be full of rip-offs while there are huge discounts available in another, encouraging shoppers to hunt around far and wide for the best bargains.

Many factors can impact how much a vendor may charge for their goods. For example, a vendor with positive karma is likely to offer a better deal, while those with negative karma are likely to be unscrupulous and attempt rip their customers off. Other factors can include the vendor’s fame (or lack thereof) and even the Sosarian time of day, with some shopkeepers charging less during their normal business hours than they do in the middle of the night.

Real Estate Brokers, Architects, and Artifact Dealers are exceptions and will always have the same prices as one another.

The other exceptions are all the vendors located in the Faction towns, as their prices are controlled by the tax rate set by Faction Commanders and Lord Blackthorn (see below). If a Faction Commander was to set the tax rate in a town to 0%, it would result in the price of all items sold in that town being “normal” (what they have been in non-faction towns up until this publish).