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* Advisor Pix
* Advisor Pix
* Advisor TBA
===== Former Advisors & Counselors =====
===== Former Advisors & Counselors =====

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Advisors on Oceania Classic are experienced players who help others with gameplay advice.

The Advisors are all volunteers who have generously given their time to help the shard.

Please use the shard's chat or in-game global chat to contact an Advisor. They can be identified by their blue-highlighted names.

Current Advisors
  • Advisor Pix
  • TBA
Former Advisors & Counselors
  • Advisor Archer
  • Advisor Enceladus
  • Counselor Marconi
  • Counselor Levi
  • Counselor Dillion
  • Counselor Valerius

Note: Counselors [sic] performed a similar role to that of Advisors during Oceania Classic's beta testing phase.