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Thank you for donating to Oceania Classic.

Please press the button above or click here to donate securely via PayPal.

Payments can be made via all major credit/debit cards, bank transfer, or PayPal balance. You do not require a PayPal account in order to donate.

Donations go towards covering the costs of running the shard.

Thanks once again for your support.

Donation Gift Rewards

Donations of certain amounts in Australian Dollars are rewarded with a gift(s) as a way to say thanks for supporting the shard.

Please send a private message to the OceaniaClassic staff account in Discord chat containing the PayPal Transaction ID after making a donation to choose and receive your gift(s). The Transaction ID is found on the receipt you get from PayPal after payment is completed.

Donation amounts are calculated in Australian Dollars (AUD). Gifts cannot be refunded or swapped after being claimed.

These gifts have been chosen carefully in order to avoid a "pay to play" type situation, so it is not a requirement to donate in order to get enjoyment out of the game or to be on a level playing field.

Some gifts come as a normal item, some come in deed form, while others need to be placed at a location by a Game Master. Talk to staff when choosing your reward for more details.

Visit the Donation Gift Castle Showroom to see what the gifts look like in game and how they function. This special GM Castle can be accessed via the Moongate Hall in Britannia and is decorated entirely using the Donation Gift Rewards.

Gifts can be delivered to characters in either Britannia or The Lost Lands.

Donations of over $5 receive a bonus Fyshwick Wand (massive fireworks wand) in their gift box!

List of Donation Gift Rewards

Donation Amount: $5 AUD Each
  • Wall Torch x2 (usable light)
  • Animated Water Tile x4
  • Animated Lava Tile x4
  • Pirate Wall Map (viewable when used)
  • Wall Blood
  • Archery Butte (can be shot at with bows)
  • Bone Couch
  • Bone Table
  • Bone Throne
  • Cinnamon Fancy Rug
  • Decorative Shard Shield (can choose from any one of the OSI Shards on first use)
  • Flower Tapestry
  • Mounted Pixie x5 (speaks when used)
  • Colorful Tapestry
  • Unmade Bed
  • Wash Basin
  • Wooden Coffin
  • Fallen Log
  • Bamboo Screen
  • Hanging Swords
  • Hanging Axes
  • Small Raw Moonstone x2 (animated)
  • Silver Sapling Replica
  • Boiling Cauldron (animated)
  • Disturbing Portrait (speaks when used)
  • Crystal Brazier (animated)
  • Water Vat
  • Lava Rock Display (animated)
  • Large Fountain (animated, normal or sandstone)
  • Fire Column (animated light, placed by staff)
  • Burning Campfire (animated light, placed by staff)
  • Beehive & Bees (animated, placed by staff)
  • Sherry the Mouse Statue (acts as a Town Crier)
  • Coral the Owl (animated, acts as a Town Crier)
  • Fire Pit (animated)
  • Interactive Statuettes: Bake Kitsune, Changeling, Crane, Polar Bear, Green Goblin, Plague Beast, Juka Lord, Grey Goblin, Reaper, Golem, Exodus Overseer, Llama, Wolf, Ophidian, Skeleton, Fire Elemental, Daemon, Nystul's Crystal Ball, Dragon, Ophidian Knight, Ophidian Arch Mage, G'Thunk The Troll, Ophidian Mage, Ophidian Warrior, Seahorse, Quagmire, Minotaur, Gargoyle, Solen Queen, Silver Steed, Lady of the Snow, Reptalon, Crocodile, Tormented Minotaur, Meer Eternal, Meer Captain, Dread Horn, Dire Wolf, Devourer of Souls, Mongbat, Zombie, Lizard Man, Ogre, Cow, Lich, Orc, Gazer, Ratman, Gorilla, Troll, Earth Elemental, Ettin. NOTE: Some of these statuettes are also available in Britannia (not the Lost Lands) via the Veteran Reward system.
Donation Amount: $10 AUD Each
  • Bone Couch, Throne & Table
  • Large Trees: Apple, Peach, Cherry Blossom, Maple, Plum, Snow, Yucca, Willow (can pick fruit from fruit trees)
  • Animated Water Tile x8
  • Animated Lava Tile x8
  • Large Grandfather Clock (animated, chimes, is the same as the Britain Bank Clock)
  • Flaming Scarecrow (animated light)
  • Fires of Kukuzz (animated)
  • Waterwheel (animated)
  • Roasting Pig on a Spit (animated)
  • Globe of Sosaria (animated)
  • Large Disturbing Portrait (changes and speaks when used based on the time of day or night)
  • Clawfoot Tub (animated, can turn shower head on and off)
  • Curtains (can be dyed and opened and closed)
  • Large Gold Carpet
  • Guillotine (animates and does damage when used)
  • Haunted Mirror (animates and speaks when approached)
  • Iron Maiden (animates and does damage when used)
  • Tapestry of Sosaria (can be viewed when used)
  • Large Wall Banner
  • Ancestral Gravestone (provides temporary bonus of +5 in Spirit Speak skill when used)
  • Woodworker's Bench (provides temporary bonus of +5 in Carpentry skill when used)
  • Orrery (animated)
  • Davies' Locker (can hold Treasure Maps)
  • Large Raw Moonstone x2 (animated)
  • Love Table & Chairs (animated candle on table blows love heart smoke rings, x2 chairs)
  • Creepy Portrait (animates when approached, speaks when used)
  • Flaming Brazier (animated light, can choose from pole mounted or floor standing)
  • Ankh of Sacrifice (can resurrect and lock/unlock karma)
  • Shoulder Parrot (wearable on character's shoulder, can fly overhead when double clicked)
  • Kai Pond (animated, can pick from small, medium, or large sizes when placing from deed form)
  • Large Bronze Spinning Globe Sculpture (animated)
  • Large Hildebrandt Dragon Rug
  • Abyssal Hair Dye (combo of black and deep red)
  • Stable Slot Increase Token (increases character's stable slots by 3 when used)
Donation Amount: $15 AUD Each
  • House Teleporter Tile Set (can be used to teleport directly from one of your houses to another, or to different locations within the same house, unlimited uses, two tiles in set)