Holiday Gifts

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Winter 2020

Characters which are at least 7 days old and which belong to accounts which are at least 30 days old who log in between 15/6/2020 and 1/8/2020 will receive the following gifts.

  • A Holiday Fireworks Wand (Newbied).
  • A Bottle of Champagne in a random hue (Blessed).
  • Either a Gift Cake or a Light Of The Winter Solstice (holiday candle), baked or dipped by the Oceania Classic staff (both Newbied).
  • Either an original Snow Globe (rare), a Pile of Snow (semi-rare), or a potted Snowy Tree (all Newbied).
  • Special: A one-off Early Settler reward Half Apron or Body Sash engraved with the character's name (both Newbied).

Note: Newbied items, just like Blessed items, will not fall to your corpse if you die while they are in your backpack.