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Classic UO

Aside from the Classic Client of course, while there are many different things that define what "Classic UO" is to different people, there are two major turning points in the game's history that stand out above all others as marking an end to the "Classic Era". The first was the introduction of the facet of Trammel with the release of the Renaissance expansion, while the second was the changes to the item system and game mechanics that came with the Age of Shadows expansion. Oceania Classic is set during The Second Age expansion, before both the Renaissance and the Age of Shadows.

It is important to note that while Oceania Classic is set in The Second Age era, it is not a replica or recreation of the game as it was during The Second Age, nor does it seek to be. Features from across UO's decades long history that enhance the shard and fit into the Classic Era have been included.

Core Features
  • The original world of Britannia, as it was before the Felucca/Trammel split.
  • Original (pre-AoS) item system. No insurance.
  • 700 total Skill Cap, 225 total Stat Cap. No Power or Stat Scrolls.
  • Factions System, Order vs Chaos, Dueling Arenas.
  • Classic Houses, including keys to the front door and player-run vendors.
  • Guildstones and the Guild System that goes with them.
  • Banksitting area on the Britain Bank Roof.
  • Murderer Bounty Hunting!
  • Original currency system, including bank cheques.

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What's Changed

The following is a list of things on Oceania Classic that are different to how they used be at one point or another.

  • The Isle of Magincia has been abandoned.
  • The towns of Ocllo and Nujel'm have been given Public Moongates, while the Magincia gate has been removed.
  • No permanent skill loss for Murderers.
  • The Factions System has been redesigned.
  • The Minax stronghold is located in it's modern location - carved into Dragonhame Mountain - instead of just south of Papua where it originally was.
  • The Council of Mages stronghold has been relocated to Wind.
  • Locations from modern UO may be used in the future where appropriate, such as some of the newer dungeons. If so they would be heavily modified to fit into Classic UO. Shadowguard is an example of this.
  • Some very rare special bosses may make use of skills, spells or abilities from modern UO. These skills/spells/abilities are not available to player characters and never will be.
  • Creatures from later in UO's history may be added in but only where appropriate. An example of this is some of the ice themed baddies in Ice Dungeon.
  • Brand new items and mobiles, such as the mounted Council of Mages and Shadowlords cavalry guards.

Oceania Classic makes use of a modern version of the Classic Client. Many gumps/menus/windows will look a little different to how they used to in older versions of the client. This also means that players are able to use newer features in the client, such as the higher game window resolutions. The "update range" (how far the client can "see" in the game) has been increased to match modern UO to allow players to use the higher resolutions.

Disabled Skills

The following skills from modern UO are disabled for use by players on Oceania Classic:

  • Necromancy
  • Chivalry
  • Focus
  • Mysticism
  • Imbuing
  • Throwing
  • Bushido
  • Ninjitsu
  • Spellweaving

The Discordance skill takes the place of the old skill that was known as Enticement.

Note that the Spirit Speak skill remains usable on the shard as it existed before the introduction of Necromancy and may be used to communicate with ghosts.

Disabled Races

Humans are the only playable race on Oceania Classic - creation of Elf and Gargoyle characters is disabled.