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Paragon Elites
  • Paragon Elites have begun appearing in Britannia! When a creature spawns in Britannia it has a 1 in 20 chance of becoming a Paragon, which means that it will have greatly enhanced stats and skills. They can be recognised by the text (elite) after their name.
  • Elites no longer spawn above ground in Britannia or in Despise Dungeon. They can instead be found in most other dungeons (Shame, Wrong, Deceit, Hythloth, etc...). Inside Terathan Keep is the only location where Elites appear in the Lost Lands.
  • Each Paragon has a 5% chance of carrying a special named metal Paragon Chest as loot. These chests are full of loot and often include higher level treasure maps. They also carry the name of the Paragon that they came from and can come in a variety of colours.
  • Killing a Paragon has a small chance to reward the player with an artifact!
  • Neither Faction/Chaos Guards, AIPKers, City Citizens, nor Vendors spawn as Paragons, neither does anything that spawns on Rondorin.
  • New Artifacts: Elite Robes and Cloaks (many colours, +3 AR); Elite Sandals (many colours, rare black and white hues); Lost War Horse Imprisoned in a Crystal (summons a bonded non-Faction war horse when used, which come in many different colours and can be resurrected by their masters regardless of Vet skill); Black, White, Metallic (3 types), and Faction Dye Tubs; Pet Bonding Potions. More artifacts to be added in the future.