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Welcome to the Oceania Classic Wiki.

Oceania Classic is an Ultima Online free shard hosted in Sydney, Australia.

How To Play

Current Version


  • Run UO Steam, enter the following details into the launcher window, then click start (see this screenshot for an example).
 Port: 1999
  • New accounts on Oceania Classic are created automatically when a new username and password is used to login to the shard for the first time.
  • Create a new character and enter Britannia! Make sure you check the box in UO Steam that says "Negotiate features with server".

Beta Testing

Oceania Classic has now entered the public Beta Testing phase where we will begin to allow a small number of players onto the shard. Check out the Beta page for more info.

Shard Features

  • Fast Server located in Sydney, Australia.
  • Experience Britannia during The Second Age!
  • Engage in epic PvP and revamped PvM as a combined community, just as it was before the Felucca/Trammel split.
  • Reinvigorated NPCs with enhanced AI.
  • Factions overhauled, redesigned and expanded! War rages across Britannia!
  • Order vs Chaos!
  • Bounty Hunting!
  • Updates to many game Systems, such as Hunger.
  • Ultima Online's original pre-AoS item system!

Check out the Era Information page, Search this Wiki or browse Categories for more details about the shard.