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Justice is gained by defeating AIPK NPC Murderers. These can often be found around the Yew and Britain Moongates.

The amount of Justice gained from each kill varies with the amount of skill points of the killed character and the level of Justice their killer is currently at.


Justice allows you to "protect" another player while you do a Champion Spawn. While one is under the protection of another, the protector has a chance of receiving a Scroll of Power when the recipient receives one. The chance of receiving a "protection scroll" depends on your Justice level.

  • Seeker of Justice: 25% chance of scroll
  • Follower of Justice: 50% chance of scroll
  • Knight of Justice: 100% chance of scroll
  • Symbol: Scales
  • Derived From: Truth and Love
  • Anti-Virtue: Wrong
  • Original Home City: Yew
  • Opposing Dungeon: Wrong
  • Mantra: Beh
  • Companion: Jaana