Enhanced Client

From Oceania Classic: An Australian Ultima Online Free Shard
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Use of the Ultima Online Enhanced Client (EC) has been disabled on Oceania Classic. Players who attempt to connect to the shard using the Enhanced Client will be automatically disconnected.

We have disabled use of the Enhanced Client for the following reasons:

  • The Enhanced Client was not available during this era and thus it is not part of "Classic UO".
  • Allowing use of the Enhanced Client would unbalance the game - especially PvP - as the EC was deliberately designed to be faster than the Classic Client, particularly when it comes to player movement and bouncing around obstacles like trees. In modern UO, some PvPers have turned to the EC in order to gain advantages over those players still using the Classic Client. Our goal is to even the playing field once again by ensuring everyone has access to the same features.
  • Making sure that both clients work with the shard going forward would make further development of the shard more difficult.
Third Dawn Client

Just for the record, the older "3D" client - the Third Dawn Client - will not work with Oceania Classic, even if you still happen to have a copy of it, as it is incompatible with the server.