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The Battleground system on Oceania Classic offers players a quick hit of intense PvP.


Join the Battleground queue by clicking the green button on the Battleground gump.

If the Battleground gump is not visible, simply logout and then log back in, which will cause the gump to pop up again after awhile.

A world message is broadcast to all online characters when someone joins the Battleground queue, and another is broadcast when a Battleground is about to begin.

The characters in the queue will also receive additional messages about the Battleground, including a countdown to the start of it.

Hit the red button at any time to leave/opt-out of the current Battleground.

When at least two characters are in the queue, the countdown to the start of the Battleground will begin.

Teams & Re-spawn Areas

Characters will be assigned to one of two teams - Team Red or Team Green - and will be equipped with a cloak in their team's colour for the duration of the Battleground.

Each team has it's own re-spawning room/area which contains Banker and Variety Dealer NPCs, as well as sparkle teleporters to access the combat area with.

Characters will begin the Battleground in the re-spawning area and will be automatically returned there and resurrected if/when they die.


All characters are flagged as "red" while inside Battlegrounds, meaning anyone can freely attack anyone.

Faction status remains intact while inside Battlegrounds, however, there is no 5 minute temporary skill loss for Faction deaths that occur within Battlegrounds.

Modes & Locations

There are three different Battleground modes: Death Match, Elimination, and Capture the Flag.

Death Matches go for a set amount of time and characters will continue to re-spawn until the time has elapsed. In the Elimination mode, characters only have one life and are removed from combat if they die.

In Capture the Flag mode, characters must pick up and hold the flag for as long as possible. The player/team which holds the flag the the most amount of time wins.

The mode is picked at random, as is the Battleground location, and each location can play host to any of the modes.

Some Battleground locations are completely free from PvE elements to allow for pure PvP, while others contain additional NPCs to fight and/or other challenges.


Players can check the Battleground Rankings at any time by visiting the Moongate Hall and opening the Battleground Book which can be found there.

Additional Battleground stats are also available by "talking to" (double clicking on) the Quartermaster NPC located in the Moongate Hall.